Thursday, 5 February 2009

Joe Calzaghe Retires From Boxing

Joe Calzaghe Retires From Boxing

After a long and successful boxing career Joe Calzaghe finally hangs up his gloves, leaving the sport with one of the most impressive records of 46-0-32. Joe Calzaghe has done the right thing in my opinion, he has beaten everyone he has faced and has nothing left to prove. Joe Calzaghe was champion for 11 years!, he also unified the belts of the super middleweight division and even went up in weight and won a light heavyweight belt.

Many people say that Joe Calzaghe slapped with his punches, but the accumulation of those punches broke most fighters down eventually, also if he did slap with his punches doesn't that make him even more of a great champion? He has never lost and yet he can't even punch! Now that really does take some skill. Personally i believe Joe could punch to a certain degree, specially early in his boxing career, but when his hands started playing up he lost a lot of his punching power, but yet still never lost a fight which makes him a superb, very skilled champion, maybe one of the best Britain has ever produced.

People will always say Lacey was overrated, Kessler Was robbed, Hopkins was robbed, Jones Jr was shot etc, but the fact is he beat them all, and before all those fights mentioned everyone thought Joe Calzaghe would lose, he proved everyone wrong. No one can say, with any certainty that Joe Calzaghe isn't one of the best, there's is a handful of boxers who have retired undefeated and that alone is a great achievement. To stay champion for 11 years is another achievement that only a few boxers have ever matched, so few, you could count them on one hand.

I think he deserves some credit for all his achievements, also for the way he stayed hungry, not letting the money and fame go to his head, not many boxers can withstand the pressure. Joe Calzaghe still trained at the same gym in New Bridge, Wales, which was no show home, this was a run down gym that had no luxury's what so ever, but this was the right type of environment to keep a fighter hungry. I think Joe Calzaghe is a one off, he has remained very down to earth and still seemed as hungry in his last fight as he was in his first, that's how grounded he was, which is how you have to be in order to stay focused and never lose.

There has been some talk regarding the boxer Carl Froch, Carl says Joe is running scared! I have never heard such nonsense. Here's a guy that has only won the VACANT title that Joe Calzaghe gave up so he could fight at light heavyweight, and he think's Joe is scared to fight him. Joe Calzaghe has achieved far more then Carl Froch will, has fought far better opponents at a much higher level, and is at the end of his long and successful career, so why does he need to fight-The not known anywhere in the world Carl Froch who won his vacant belt? This fight is totally meaningless, Joe would of made Carl Froch look silly. I think this shows us one thing, there will always be an up and coming boxer with a big mouth that wants his shot at the main man in the division, with the big payday etc. Joe Calzaghe done the right thing by not fighting him and giving him a payday. Joe Calzaghe does not need that fight, he's proved himself to be the best, Carl Froch hasn't got anywhere near that, not even close.

My hats off to Joe Calzaghe, you definitely made the right decision in retiring, with nothing left to prove. May you have a nice time in your retirement.

Joe Calzaghe talks about why he's retiring - Watch the video


Anonymous said...

One of the best champions ever. People better recogise. Calzaghe is a true throw back

Anonymous said...

calzaghe done the right thing. Soon hatton will be doing the same

Anonymous said...

Super Joe. Best of British.

Anonymous said...

Nothing left to prove.

ringo said...

Joe Calzaghe has the heart of a lion. He refused to ever be beat and u gotta respect that.

Never phazed. True champion. One of the best fighters ever to come out of Britain

brandon said...

I just watched that video on bbc in your link..

Joe Calzaghe's career was very very similar to Rocky Marciano's.

BOTH lost in the amateurs but then never lost as professionals..Like they learned the learning curve and just mastered their boxing skills.

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