Thursday, 5 March 2009

Manny Pacquiao Is In The UK for The Ricky Hatton Fight Promotion

 Manny Pacquiao Is In The UK for The Ricky Hatton Fight Promotion

Manny Pacquiao is now in the UK promoting his fight with Ricky Hatton. I must say, Manny Pacquiao looks extremely relaxed and at ease, it's hard not to warm to him, he's such a friendly, humble fighter.

Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao are very friendly with each other, which is nice, there both professionals and know the game, there's no need for any bad mouthing or fighting now, but they both know, come fight night, there will be some serious fireworks. Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao are both extremely aggresive fighters, rarely taking a backward step, and i seriously doubt either man will change their style for this fight. This fight will be the fight of the year!

I don't think either fighters are taking each other lightly, they both know they each face a hell of a task, this could be one of their toughest fights ever.

I am very confident that Manny Pacquiao will have a much tougher night then he did against Oscar De La Hoya. Oscar did not turn up that night, it was a shell, he hardly threw any punches at all. This will not happen against Ricky Hatton, Hatton is coming to win, he will not lie down, not easily anyway! Alothough Manny Pacquiao does have the edge in this fight in terms of being the favorite, i seriously think Ricky Hatton should not be underestimated, this is a close fight, closer then many people beleive.

Ricky Hatton has the strength and power to trouble Manny Pacquiao. And Manny Pacquiao has the sharpness, accuracy, and speed to trouble Ricky Hatton. All in all, this will be a fight not to be missed!

There was some funny footage recorded of Manny Pacquiao on a train in the UK doing a Scottish Accent! Very Funny, check out the link below.

Manny Pacquiao On UK Tour Doing a funny Scottish Accent

There was also more footage of Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao playing against each other in a darts match! Check it out Click Here!


Anonymous said...

hahah. Pacman is a good guy man. I like him

Anonymous said...

two great sportsmen that are loved by all, not just the fans. Great Great match up!

Bass Bangin said...

Pacman will beat hatton in 6 rounds. He is untouchable at the moment.

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