Losing Weight Safely At The Gym Or At Home

Losing Weight Safely At The Gym Or At Home

Here I cover some of the aspects regarding weight loss and how to lose weight safely. Touching on how your weight affects your performance in terms of boxing and martial arts, and with life in general.

As far as Martial Arts, Boxing, or even just being able to defend yourself goes, it's much better to be in good shape, physically as well as mentally. If you are at a decent weight, not carrying excess fat, you are much more able to do many things more efficiently.

Carrying excess weight will slow you down in more ways then one. Your running will be slower because you are carrying more weight, any activity involving using your body weight to work out, like press-ups (push ups), or pull ups. Your body will have a much harder time doing these exercises if you have put on weight. Being overweight will limit you in an almost uncountable amount of ways, not to mention how you feel mentally from being overweight, your confidence can be shattered to the point where you just give up with life in general.

So whats the best option for not getting overweight?
The best thing is to not let your weight spiral out of control, you should workout regularly each week, whether at the gym or at home. We all go through stages where we get lazy, this is normal, but it's a different story if you have neglected your training workouts so much that you can see and feel that you have put on weight. Do not get to this stage, it's easy to put weight on, much harder to lose it. Force yourself to workout if you have to, it doesn't have to be a gruelling workout every time, just make sure you feel like you've worked out, got a good sweat out of yourself and that's enough.

Lose Weight At The Gym Or At Home?
This choice is yours, but i will say, if you train at the gym, in most cases it will make you workout harder and longer, this is because there are other people there, training themselves. This will sub consciously motivate you into doing more exercise, and also feeling better mentally from being at a gym around people, rather then working out at home alone. If you would prefer to work out at home then that's fine too, you will still lose weight, and you will still feel much better then you would if you did no training at all. Home training can be good if your dedicated and don't always need someone else to push you into working out. I recommend home training should be used to improve your fitness and stamina before taking the extra step and joining a gym.

If you want to lose weight, Running is without doubt one of the best exercises you can do. Running on a tread-mill at the gym is not the same as running outdoors with different terrain and hills to deal with. Yes, you can adjust the settings on a tread-mill, and it's still a very good exercise for losing weight, but it's no comparison to running outside. So make sure you get out there and do some running outdoors, not in the gym on a running machine, it's not the same. However, If your too busy to go running or hit the gym on a regular basis and feel like a tread-mill would suit your lifestyle then maybe this TrekDesk Treadmill Desk will be of interest.

Ideal Weight and Professional, Semi-Professional fighting
It's a different story if you are competing in, or train as a boxer or Martial artist at a fairly high level. You should be in good physical shape. And if your not, you are limiting your potential. Carrying excess weight has no choice but to slow you down, from punching and kicking, to wrestling and flexibility. It will slow you down, not to mention make your tire and gas out more quickly, due to the body having to work harder because of the fact that your overweight.

Take a look at some of the best fighters in the world..How many of them are overweight? And no, Fedor Emelianenko is not overweight, he is just a big, heavier set guy. There are none that are overweight. By doing the amount of training required to be the best you will no way be overweight.

But it must be said that there are people that look fat or overweight, but are actually healthy and have good stamina. This is a certain body type which stems from the persons genes. Some people are just born that way, and a good way to find out if you are one of these types of people is by looking at your parents and grand parents. If your parents are both overweight, and have been like that mostly all their lives, and you are overweight, the chances are that it is in your genes. This does not mean you can't be fit and healthy, with good stamina. It just means you will probably never have a body builders physique, or have highly defined muscles. This does not mean you can't be just as strong as someone that has good muscle definition, because you can.

I'm Not Losing Weight What Can I Do?
The obvious answer is to workout harder, and for longer, so you penetrate your fat reserves. Also eat more healthier foods. Introduce some new training methods into your routine. But even from doing all these things some people will lose weight slower then others, we are all individuals and we all lose weight at different rates. Workout e-books could be what you need in order to give you some extra help which will involve a regular training and eating routine. But be aware, this is the same as the fact that all people lose weight at different rates, some workout guides and diet programs will suit you better then others, so make sure you understand what you want and have a fair idea of what works for you as an individual before committing to any weight loss guide or program.

There are other options available, which should be carefully considered before committing to. These are weight loss pills. When you have tried everything and just can't lose the weight you want to lose, weight loss pills can be a blessing, but with so many products out there you have to be careful of which one you choose. The number one factor that should be at the top of your list is safety, you want to lose weight, but you want to lose weight safely. Some weight loss products can have some very serious health issues, when i say serious, i mean serious, things like liver failure, coronary heart disease, pancreatic disease, just to name a few. So make sure you only take 100% natural products with no chemicals or stimulants. Two products that stand out and have no nasty side effects are Super Hoodia 2000 and ACAI Fat Burn.

I wish you every success with your weight loss and fitness goals.



Cash Searcher said...

Some great advice thanks

Lose Weight said...

Some really great tips there, i agree running on a tredmill or something is not the same as outdoors, although it's still a good work out, running out doors seems to be better for the mind, really they both have advantages and disadvantges, i prefer out doors, simply because my dog gets to exercise as well it's a win win

Lucy said...

Can you be my personal trainer....lol

davey c said...

A great post. It gives me confidence that you wrote a guy with no muscle definition can be just as strong as a big muscle bound man. Please share some more weight related information.

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bloo said...

Great post. weight loss can be easy with the right mindset.

Keep eating those salads!!!!!!

Dimitri P said...

I noticed a big change in my mobility once i had put on weight. Not much weight either, still i noticed a change. It was mainly my waist. i didnt feel as flexible around my stomach, making feel sluggish.

So i had to lose weight. I started doing sit ups again, going running, and bag work, including a lot of low and high kicks, they work well for stomach muscles.

Put the effort in and you will see good results.

derty said...

this is now the hardest time weight loss...the holidays!

pig out time! stop after lol

Gastric Gold 100% Pure Organic Aloe Vera said...

Nice post. compliments on the website.

IMO weight loss comes down to one VERY important thing. EFFORT!

If your prepared to put the effort in, you will get impressive weight loss results. It's the same with anything in life, you get out what you put in.

Happy Losing...

archer said...

yep, effort and determination are key for weight loss.

Realising that you wont lose 4 stone overnight is another thing to remember. Rome wasn't built in a day.

[porka] said...

lose weight//..ill start in the new year lol

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Is coffee Good For you said...

Just wanted to post this link. Article on the good and bad effects of coffee.

bla said...

soon they will be saying that being fat is healthier then being slim

adonova said...

yeah, its not just a change of eating habits, with weight loss you have to change your lifestyle altogether

Sally said...

I know this isn't really a post about losing weight, but more of a warning to all people. Cutting out red meat is one thing most people should do. Red meat - Bacon - Sausages - all have been linked to heart disease and cancer. They all increase the risk. Only eat white meats like chicken and fish. Rant (warning) over

lewis said...

i do rowing, biking and situps. lost 2 stone so far

bear said...

Great blog. skipping rope with weighted handles provides a good workout

triad44 said...

I got problems. I need to cut out my internet usage. I spend a lot of time on the PC. to much time. Finding it hard to break away and start exercising. My weight has become a problem and it never used to be. Getting me down. I wish the internet never existed.