Thursday, 2 April 2009

David Haye Vs Wladimir Klitschko Confirmed For June 2009

David Haye Vs Wladimir Klitschko Confirmed For June 2009

Location of the fight has not been disclosed yet, but it is definitely in Europe somewhere.

After a long wait the fight is signed, sealed, and confirmed. In David Hayes opinion the reason this fight has took so long to be made official is because the Klitschko brothers are scared of Haye. To be honest i think this could be true in some ways, i don't think there actually scared, but maybe just a little concerned at David Hayes brash talk, power punching, and domination at cruiser weight. I think the Klitschko brothers see Haye as a real threat. And rightly so, David Haye has the tools and mentality to beat them both, although he will need to be at his best to beat Vitali.

Daivd Haye has promised to knock out Wladimir, and Wladimir has said Haye is too loud and has insulted him too much, he said he will shut Hayes mouth with his fists.

There are a few ways David Haye can win this fight. First one is to not allow Wladimir to settle into the fight and steam him from the first bell, pressure him all the way. Wladimir does have problems with this type of fighter.

Daivd Haye could also adopt the "Tyson style" slipping, ducking, and closing the distance, then letting lose some huge hooks and overhand punches.

One thing is for sure, David Haye has to close the distance and get past that huge arm length of Wladimirs, if he can't do that he will not win this fight. Wladimir Klitschko is just too good at jabbing, keeping you at a distance and staying safe.

Needless to say, all Wladimir has to do is his usual style of fighting, safety first. If he does this successfully he's won this fight easily. The only problem for Wladimir is his punch resistance, if he gets caught with a wild punch while playing it safe he will probably be in big trouble.

Personally i think this is a close fight which depends highly on what type of fight tactics both fighters bring on the night. A great fight, not to be missed.


tomo said...

that decapitated head of wladimirs on the cover of that magazine has got wlad angry. lol. I can see david hayes head being punched to a pulp and rolled down the road in this fight. He is messing with the big boys now, and i don't think he will realise that until he gets in the ring and feels the superior strenth and power of REAL heavyweights that may look boring but have the ability to rock hayes world to the point of total meltdown

Free Domain Names said...

Wladimer will beat haye. 6-7 rounds all finished for the hayemaker

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