Friday, 17 July 2009

A Great Bill For The Khan Vs Kotelnik Fight

Just a quick post regarding the Khan - Kotelnik undercard.

Khan Wins WBA Title - Read more..

This is such an exciting card, but one fight that, for me, really stands out is Anthony Small Vs Matthew Hall. These two boxers couldn't be more different. Hall is not a talker, he has very little to say. And Small is just talk talk talk!! He is like a mini council estate ALI wannabe! There has been a lot of friction in the press conferences between these two. This fight could well be the best of the night. Matthew Hall has good power and has adopted the "Mike Tyson" style, while Anthony Small is a "jab keep it at range", use the ring type of fighter.

This should be a very interesting and explosive fight. I want Hall to win, and i think he will, but wouldn't be surprised if Anthony Small was able to use his boxing skills effectively enough to keep his distance and get the win.

Another fight that should be good is Enzo Maccarinelli Vs Denis Lebedev. This is a make or break fight for big mac. After being knocked out in his last fight against Ola Afolabi, who is seen by most as a good journey man at the most. Big mac really needs to prove he can mix with the best and win this fight against Lebedev, and win it in style. Where does he go if he loses? Right to the bottom i think. Enzo is lucky to have Frank Warren as his promoter because without him he would no way of got this fight. Also being a cruiser weight, it's quite a dead division at the moment, with not many top fighters. Denis Lebedev is said to be quite a good fighter with an impressive fight and KO record.

I really hope Enzo can get his boxing career back on track. He has changed trainers from Enzo Calzaghe to Karl Ince, so let's see if this change can bring out a new and improved big mac.

I have to say, it's been well talked about recently that in the Enzo training camp for the Ola Afolabi fight there was no sparring!!! I cannot believe Enzo Calzaghe would think this is OK. Sparring is one of the most important aspects of boxing training. I think that shows that either, Enzo Calzaghe is not as experienced as a trainer as people think, or he is possibly losing his marbles...Perhaps he doesn't care too much about the fighters now that his son Joe Clazaghe has retired. Because i bet for Joe he made sure all preparations were spot on.

Whatever the reason i think Enzo Maccarinelli done the right thing in changing trainers. No sparring - That is a joke. It's actually beyond a joke. No wonder Enzo Maccarinelli was knackered after one round against Ola Afolabi.

Anyway, let's hope big mac makes a spectacular comeback!


Spectacular comeback! Oh yeah, he done that alright. He got stopped in 3 rounds..I think he should call time on his boxing career. Or stick to domestic level maybe..He just hasn't got what it takes for world level. Shame though because Enzo is a good guy. But good guy or not, you have to have the skill level and punch resistance, defense, etc etc, and im sorry to say that he hasn't got it. Read more about the loss

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