Sunday, 12 July 2009

UFC 100 Great Fights

UFC 100

It was a great night of fights to mark the 100th UFC. Touching on a few on them quickly.

Tiago alves Vs George St. Pierre was a great fight which seen GSP retain his title. I was very impressed with everything he done, his take downs were superb, his stand up was superb. Alves just didn't have the answer to GSP's quick thinking, great striking, great take downs, and super technique.

Dan Henderson totally Knocked out Michael Bisping COLD! Henderson looked very strong from the start landing some good punches throughout. Bispings hands looked very weak in comparison, and once Henderson was able to close the distance and land some heavy punches it was all over. Bisping was caught with a huge hook over the top and was out before he hit the floor. Henderson then followed up with a huge punch to the defensless face of Bisping.

Frank Mir Gets Destroyed by Brock Lesnar!!

From the start Brock just man handled Mir, pinning him down on the floor, getting Mir in a very awkward headlock and just punching his face when he had the chance, and also doing a good job of smothering and tiring Mir whilst he was trying to get a better position on the floor. Mir survived the first round but not the second. Again they ended up on the floor and Brock just used his weight and massive frame to pin Mir and just kept punching and punching, catching Mir with some massive punches. Frank Mir was basically getting hit and just trying to hide from the punches, as if he just wanted it to be over, needless to say the referee called an end to the fight. A great win for Brock Lesnar. This guy is so big and strong he really does pose a threat to anyone.

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