Friday, 18 September 2009

Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Juan Manuel Marquez

First of all let's get one thing clear. Is this a miss match? No it's not. The fight that everyone wants to see is Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao, do we see that fight as a miss match? No we don't. So let's not forget how close the two fights were between Marquez and Pacquiao. Where, in my opinion Marquez won the second fight. The only thing that separates Floyd Mayweather from both Marquez and Pacquiao other then his superior boxing and defense skill is that he is the naturally bigger guy.

Personally, i think Mayweather Jr should be fighting Shane Mosley, but that's another story all together.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Juan Manuel Marquez - Who wins?

Well, i think Floyd will win the fight. But i wouldn't be that surprised if Marquez pulled out a win. Juan Manuel Marquez is one of the best fighters in the world, no doubt about it. He beat Pacman fair and square in the second fight, so that's how good he is. Marquez is underrated. He has great boxing skills and the true Mexican fighting spirit. He has the heart of a lion and i would love him to pull of a major upset and beat Floyd Maywether. That would truly seal Marquez's amazing boxing career.

I see Mayweather being a bit too fast for Marquez. And i know that Mayweather is going to be using the straight right hand down the pipe to try and knock out Marquez, or at least knock him down. I think it should be a very good fight, but i hope Marquez pulls off an upset. He deserves the win. Points win for Floyd though is the most likely outcome.

Click the following link to watch the Mayweather Vs Marquez Weigh In. Enjoy!


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Weigh in is the link above

bigboy said...

From watching the weigh in it seems like marquez has played it perfectly. mayweather was throwing punches, trying to ruffle marquez, but he just ignored it totally. He is saving himself for the fight, not getting involved with any nonsense. COME ON MARQUEZ!!!!! NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mayweather looks anxious... lol-lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for the weigh in

Anonymous said...

Mayweather Vs David Haye is next

murkidge said...

floyd was 2 big for marquez. fight shame mosley floyd. what u scared of. who else has seen the vid of floyd tryin to sell clothes and cds stickers hahaha. jeeez floyd you must be broke ass.

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