Friday, 6 November 2009

David Haye Vs Nikolay Valuev Weigh In

David Haye Vs Nikolay Valuev Weigh In

The fight is almost here! David Haye Vs Nikolay Valuev has generated world wide interest. If Daivd Haye wins this fight he will be at the top of the heavyweight division instantly. This is a must win for Haye. If Haye does not win he will have a tough road back, he will have to get in line and earn a heavyweigh title shot.

At the Weigh In David Haye looked, as always, in superb shape. He weighed 15 stone 8 pounds on the scales.

David Haye Vs Nikolay Valuev Weigh In

Nikolay Valuev looked quite a lot slimmer then what i have seen him look in the past. He weighed 22 Stone 7 Pounds, which is very light for Nikolay Valuev. David Haye is giving away a huge weight difference to Valuev. This is a career heaviest for David Haye by 1Lb.

The stare down between the two was intense, neither wanted to look away and show any weakness. This should be an excellent fight. With David Haye weighing 15 Stone 8Lbs, i think that confirms that he is looking for the knockout, he is not going to be able to run around the ring all night weighing that much, he is used to fighting much lighter. Valuev has lost some weight, so he is looking for that extra bit of speed in order to be able to catch up with Haye through out the fight.

I was quite surprised to hear boos for Nikolai Valuev, this fight is in Germany so you would of thought there would be much more Valuev fans. But hey, the UK boxing fans are the loudest in the world.

Click Here To Watch The David Haye Vs Nikolay Valuev Weigh In. Enjoy!


ferm said...

haye gonna get squashed lol

Jatoo said...

david haye has meant to of been bending his knees in some of the press pictures so he looks even smaller compared to valuev. lol. Haye is confident of winning this

Anonymous said...

David haye looks like Craig David the singer!!! HAHAHAHA

Haye Beats Valuev said...

Haye Beats Valuev

haye ho said...

haye ho haye ho it's off to the uk the belts go...haye ho haye ho haye ho haye ho

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