Friday, 6 November 2009

Sam Sexton Beats Martin Rogan

Sam Sexton Beats Martin Rogan

In an all action fight, which was OK while it lasted, Sam Sexton gets win number 2 over Martin Rogan. I am very disappointed in Martin Rogan, he let his heart rule his head. Rogan has been very angry at Sam Sexton in the build up to this rematch between the two. He let all the heated talk eat him up by fighting way too aggressively, he basically punched himself out and couldn't come out for the second half of the fight.

I think this showed a lack of experience from Martin Rogan. Sexton wasn't even a real threat in any rounds, choosing to just cover up and take all that Rogan had to dish out, but mostly all the head shots delivered from Rogan were blocked by the gloves of Sexton. However, Rogan did land some good body shots and a few decent head punches, but he put so much into mauling and man handling in the early rounds he totally gassed himself out. At 38 years old, Rogan should probably hang up the gloves now, i can't see him getting any better at his age. Sam Sexton fought a good gameplan and i would go as far as to say he had a pretty easy nights work.

I am convinced that if Martin Rogan would of fought more controlled he would have won this fight. But i guess it just wasn't to be. Rogan tried to get Sexton out of there too early, using too much energy and not enough thinking, and he paid the price for it.


ihu said...

OMG NO!" FFS Rogan lost. that gobby sob won.

Edd ward said...

Sexton had crap stamina. rogans was even worse! Sexton Vs Tyson fury after he beats dermot. decent domestic fight

B e l f a s t C h i l d said...

rogan should a done more roadwork!

Anonymous said...

yes, sexton v fury is the next step

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