Monday, 7 June 2010

Floyd Mayweather Retires Again

Floyd Mayweather Retires Again

If you haven't already heard..Floyd Mayweather has done an interview claiming that he is taking time out of boxing, possibly a year or two. Just as Manny Pacquiao agrees to take the blood tests so the pair can meet in September or November 2010 Floyd suddenly retires..Does Floyd really want to fight Pacquiao, or has he just been playing games?

I beleive that Floyd, who has been involved in wrestling, and is very friendly with some of the top wrestling companys, is trying to bring the wrestling "fakeness and silly drama" into boxing. This might work in wrestling, but boxing is different, and it's making him look like he's ducking Pacquiao.

This is all just advertising, entertainment, creating more and more interest in the fight. More interest means more money is generated. I personally don't think he's scared of Paquiao at all. He's just trying to be smart, but it's gone on for so long that it's wearing a bit thin now. People are getting bored with his excuses.

Floyd Mayweather changes his mind so often that I'm not going to write too much about the fight, because tomorrow the fight will be back on again!

Is he ducking Pacquiao?


Anonymous said...

hope money retires and stays retired let the real fighters fight

Anonymous said...

mayweathers upset cus pacman got fighter of the decade hahahahahaaa

3ne said...

pure chicken floyd

Danny Jacobs v. Dmitry Pirog said...

Do not miss Danny Jacobs v. Dmitry Pirog on Saturday 12th june 2010. The under card of the Marquez fight. very good match up. BOTH UNBEATEN fighting for WBO Middleweight title.

Anonymous said...

paquiao v mayweather 13th november? WTF...I thought it was off?

they playing games dog

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