Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vitali Klitschko Beats Shannon Briggs

Vitali Klitschko Beats Shannon Briggs

Vitali Klitschko puts on a punch perfect performance to retain his WBC Heavyweight Title. I was very impressed with Vitali. His movement, handspeed, power and accuracy was far too much for Briggs to compete with. Credit to Shannon Briggs, he showed true heart, having been caught with flush shots in every round, he never lay down. Many other heavyweights, under that kind of punishment, would have either hit the canvas numerous times, or just retired in the corner. That's testament to how tough Briggs is. He must have a very swollen face right about now.

Surprisingly, Briggs hardly landed a clean punch on Vitali through out the whole fight. Vitali's movement was just so superior, Briggs looked like he was stuck to the canvas in comparison. It can be very soul destroying to get schooled the way Briggs did, but all credit to him, he showed full respect to Vitali after the fight, admiting he was beaten fair and square by the better man. Briggs even said that Vitali was the best fighter he's ever fought.

Who can beat Vitali?
At the moment, I beleive no one can. He is the best heavyweight out there right now. But he is approaching 40 years old, and father time catches up with everyone. So if he stays in the game long enough he will get beat eventually. I would like him to have 3 more fights and then hang up his gloves. Vitali is a smart guy, he will know when his stamina is not the same, and when his body can't handle the pressure of high intensity training no longer. But at the moment he's looking like a fine wine, getting better with age!


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