Saturday, 13 November 2010

Haye Destroys Harrison

Haye Destroys Harrison In 3 Rounds

This was the outcome most people were expecting, so it's no surprise that David Haye knocked Audley Harrison out in Round 3. Audley actually landed just one jab on Haye through out the whole fight. Was Audley overcome by the event? Quite possibly, but he has had long enough to prepare, and had said a million times before the fight that he would be ready on the night. So no excuses.

This fight was about money. Everyone who knows boxing knew that Audley had a very slim punchers chance of winning this fight. And that slim chance was only because the pair had history together, and Audley had a good left hand. Hesitant as always, Audley never has been a busy fighter, and that's what he needed to be tonight to stand any chance of even making the fight competitive against David Haye.

The truth is Haye is in a different league to Harrison, as we seen tonight. The first time Haye actually let go with some meaningful punches, Audley was on the floor. Audley's lucky the referee stopped the fight because he was in no position to continue. If the referee would of let the fight continue, Audley would of just took more punishment.

Great performance by David Haye. He stayed cool under pressure, and handled the fight to perfection. When he had Audley in trouble he did not let him off the hook. He caught Audley with some flush punches, and Audley's instinct was to just cover up. But there was no getting away, and Haye found the openings through Audley's guard to land clean punches and put Audley down. Once he was up after about 8 seconds Haye swarmed him, not giving him any chance at all. Audley took a few more punches before the referee called an end to the fight. Audley was left dazed and had a bloody nose.

Audley's dream ends in tears, and Haye  moves on to hopefully face one of the Klitschko's next year. .More then likely Wladimir.


Anonymous said...

looked to me like harrison wanted to try and sneak his way to winning the WORLD tite. He such a waste of space

Anonymous said...

Auldey stepped up and wasnt good enough

never was..

TIKKKK said...


remo said...

I could beat audley. the guys a joke gets his one and onlu chance and thats what he does. Disgrace to his gold medal and to boxing

Anonymous said...

audley will never be seen again after this

heffa said...

whenever i hear haye is fighting i always think of the comment i read that some guy wrote about haye. it said: haye robbed my girlfriend off me i hope he loses. he hasnt lost since i read that and i bet the guy hates it. lol

Anonymous said...

audleys making ANOTHER COMEBACK! no one is interested u bum.

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