Sunday, 6 March 2011

Saul Alvarez Beats Matthew Hatton

Saul Alvarez Beats Matthew Hatton

"Canelo" Alvarez is the new WBC Light Middleweight Champion after convincingly beating Matthew Hatton to score a unanimous decision on the score cards.

The decision was spot on, Alvarez  was clearly the stronger and more accurate puncher. There were moments in the fight where Hatton was in trouble, and it looked like he wouldn't see it through to the last bell. But credit to Matthew Hatton, he really showed great heart and courage. No doubt, he came to win, but it wasn't going to happen. Alvarez was never bothered or hurt by any of Matthews punches, even though Matthew did land a lot of punches on Alvarez.

That was the difference in this fight, Alvarez was able to just walk through Hatton, knowing he didn't have the power to hurt him. Where as Hatton was getting caught clean and hurt with punches, making him back up, hold to survive, and stay on the outside.

Saul Alvarez is there to be hit, his defense needs a lot of work, he was caught with clean punches again and again. He is very static and seems to just be more intent on landing his own punches rather then avoiding the ones coming back at him. The slick boxers will be lining up to fight Alvarez, he is easy to hit, and I see him getting beat at some point while defending the WBC Light Middle Weight Title. Unless GoldenBoy match him very carefully..

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youngest light middle champ in history

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