Alistair Overeem Vs Fabricio Werdum

Strike Force World Grand Prix

Alistair Overeem Weighed In @ 256 - Fabricio Werdum @ 246

Will Alistair Overeem avenge the loss by Kimura (armbar) that he suffered at the hands of Fabricio Werdum at PRIDE Total Elimination Absolute in 2006. That was five years ago, and in that time Alistair Overeem has become a much more well rounded MMA fighter. He has improved immensly with his stand up, and his ground game is also very good. Overeem is without doubt one of the strongest heavyweights out there, and this helps him on the ground too. He is able to man handle most heavyweights because he is so strong. However, with his opponent Fabricio Werdum, Overeem is facing a guy who is just as big, standing around 6ft 4in, probably not as strong, but has a far superior ground game.

Fabricio Werdum is one of the most highly skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu masters in MMA today. If this fight goes to the ground, which it most probably will at some point, Alistair Overeem will have to try and use his strength to bull doze his way into a dominant position, or use that strength to get out of trouble. This is easier said then done against Werdum. We all seen what he did to Fedor Emelianenko.

Prediction: This is a close fight and both fighters are on great winning streaks, but Strike Force champion Alistair Overeem has evolved so much since he lost to Werdum that it's hard to imagine him losing on this ocassion. I believe Overeem will be too strong this time round and will smash Werdum into submission with some vicious ground and pound.

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