Saturday, 3 March 2012

Klitschko Destroys Mormeck In 4 Rounds

Klitschko Destroys Mormeck In 4 Rounds

An easy nights work for Wladimir. The size, the skill, the power, all too much for Mormeck to deal with. Mormeck was completely nullified, everything he tried was no good. Mormeck tried to get inside to land punches but Wladimir just tied him up and leaned on Mormeck's neck with all his weight, tiring Mormeck out. The end came with a nice one-two combination, followed by a short hook that folded Mormeck to the canvas. He was also down in the second round from similar shots but managed to survive.

Wladimir was not messing about in this fight. He did not try and carry Mormeck for a few rounds, he just went for the kill as soon as the opportunity presented itself. The size difference, complete with the superb boxing skills of Wladimir were far too great for a 39 year old Mormeck to contend with. Mormeck now becomes the 50th knockout of Wladimir's boxing career.

Who's next? Who's left?

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