Friday, 9 March 2012

Scott Harrison Returns To Boxing

Scott Harrison Returns To Boxing

Former WBO Champion Scott Harrison makes a return to the ring after a long and troubled road away from the sport that he hopefully now leaves well and truly in the past. It's been six years since Scott Harrison's last fight. People are asking, can he come back to the sport after such a long absence and become world champion again. Scott's first fight back will be in Blackpool, UK, against an opponent yet to be named. Obviously this will just be a warm up fight. With 6 years away from the ring, and 2 ¼ of those years spent in a Spanish jail, I would hope this warm-up fight will be the first of a few before taking on the real top boxers of the weight class that Scott will be fighting at. However, there is talk that Scott will be targeting a world title shot as early as September 2012. If Frank Maloney (Harrison's promoter) is wise it will be for one of the less regarded titles against a decent but not elite level fighter. Unless he wants to run the risk because Harrison has been a world champion before.

Scott Harrison is still world class no doubt, he is a solid pro, but with 6 years out of the sport and now being 34 years old, it makes one wonder if his best years are now behind him. He can win a world title but September 2012 is a bit too soon to start targeting world titles. Realistically Scott needs to spend the whole of this year working his way back into the sport and working his way back up to the better opponents that he will need all his old "prime days" boxing skill level to beat. That will only come with time. But I guess time is what he doesn't have, which is why he wants to fight for a world title sooner rather then later. He needs to become a gym rat, but I'm pretty sure he was anyway.

It's a tough task but he can do it if he stays focused and away from alcohol.

Update: Scott Harrison's scheduled fight at the end of March has been cancelled due to him being arrested by Police for - Shoplifting. Frank Maloney no longer wants to promote Harrison because it's just too much hassle. Scott Harrison was promoted by Frank Warren in the past, and was said to still be under contract with him. So Frank Warren is going to pick up where the pair left off and represent Harrison again.

Scott Harrison Beats Mizsei Jr on his return to the ring, stopping him in round 4. Harrison looked impressive beings that he has been out of action for over 6 years. Watch what Scott Harrison had to say on his comeback win in this Interview filmed after the fight.


Anonymous said...

are the scottish people behind harrison?

Anonymous said...

I would say that Harrison doesn't have the dedication or self control to come back into this sport.

kolo said...

I agree. He reminds me of a bag head from round where i live lol

Anonymous said...

guys a total joke

Anonymous said...

**scotty Harrison will fight Brahim Bariz at the Kelvin Hall on June 29 2012!!!!

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