Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ricky Hattons Ring Return Come Back

 Come back Fight Date: November 24th 2012 against an opponent yet to be named.

As you might have already heard Ricky Hatton is making a comeback to the ring. His reasons for this are basically that he feels he has to put "old ghosts to rest". One of the main "old ghosts" is his devastating knockout defeat by Manny Pacquiao. Mentally that loss really shook Hatton up and it's quite possible that he actually needs to comeback just to ease his own mind and to be able to move forward in life feeling somewhat complete after finishing his return boxing career with a few wins to cushion the blow of past defeats. He needs to redeem himself. Even if the wins aren't against the elite fighters of his division. It's fully understandable. Who would want to end a successful boxing career on a second round 1 punch out cold knockout. Not many people.

The sad thing about his comeback is that Ricky Hatton does not want a few fights against domestic opposition and then just retire for good. He wants one or two warm ups and then he wants to fight against the elite fighters, maybe for a title. This is why many people are worried. Ricky Hatton does not live like a fighter. Actually he doesn't even live healthy when not in training. There are people saying they were out partying with Ricky Hatton in Tenerife no longer then a month ago. He has said himself he has had problems with drink and drugs over the last few years. Abuse and boxing P4P boxers for world titles don't mix well together.

All the bad living has took it's toll on Ricky Hatton, and yes he could get away with a bit of partying, eating junk and boozing here and there when he was younger and in his prime. But now, mid 30's, a few years out of the ring, and not even keeping in shape within those years. Can he come back and beat the guys that absolutely live for boxing, training full time, early to bed, no drinking, no drugs, no nothing..He is going to have a tough time and I can see why people are worried for his safety. Obviously we can't forget that Ricky is / was world class. He has only lost to the best two boxers out there so there is a lot of room in between. Maybe, with the right match making he could win a world title. Yes there are some great champions hovering around his weight classes but there are also a few title holders that Ricky could beat if he becomes super dedicated and starts living for boxing again.

How much can we expect from him. At this late stage of his career he's not going to become a master boxer or change his old style dramatically. He is basically a brawler and his boxing style is not known for it's longevity in this sport. Brawlers like Ricky Hatton take far too much punishment to get inside range to land their own shots. Hatton's defensive skills aren't going to win him any prizes either. Brawlers get hit, that's why most retire a lot sooner then skilled boxers that don't get hit as much. He will have a hard time but it's not an impossible task. Hatton's return has certainly pumped a bit of life into boxing in the UK at the moment so as long as he doesn't get seriously hurt then it's good for the sport. I just hope the rumours aren't true and Ricky Hatton does not fight Juan Manuel Marquez for his return fight to the ring. If he does we could well see his return to the ring ended after one fight.

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