Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wladimir Talks About Emanuel Steward

Update: Manuel Steward has passed away. He died on Thurday afternoon (today). Big loss to the boxing world. R.I.P Emanuel Steward.

 Despite all the reports doing the rounds that Emanuel Steward has died, at the time this post was written Emanuel Steward is not dead. He is very ill and under the care of the best doctors, but he is not dead. I'm surprised that some of the biggest news networks have reported that Emanuel Steward is dead when they haven't found out for sure all the facts of the matter. From what I can gather he is not dead but will not be returning to boxing training if he makes a successful recovery.

Wladimir Klitschko is obviously upset by this incident as he has been trained by Emanuel Steward for many years and the pair are close. However, Wladimir being the true professional that he is says - The show must go on. I think that's what Emanuel Steward would want. Get well soon Emanuel Steward.

Video Credit: Ring Polska

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