Tyson Fury Vs David Price Heating Up

Tyson Fury and David Price have been linked as foes ever since their amateur days. Tyson Fury did knock David Price to the canvas in the amateurs, but Price came back to win the bout. Their has been talk of Price and Fury fighting as professionals ever since the pair both turned Pro, but it has been simmering for a few years.

Attention was focused on the pair again when Tyson Fury vacated his British titles rather then fight his mandatory challenger, who just happened to be David Price. This raised many questions. People started saying that Tyson Fury was afraid to fight David Price so instead he would vacate the titles. Tyson Fury stated that his reason for vacating the titles was so that he could go after bigger and better things. Fury also said fighting some Southern Area champion (David Price) would achieve nothing.. Personally I don't see how it would achieve nothing. Two of the most promising up and coming British heavyweights fighting for the British titles sounds like a good match up to me. Add to it that Price beat Fury in the Amateurs and you would think that Fury would want revenge and redemption, but obviously not. It does look like he avoided Price on Purpose.

So Tyson Fury vacates the titles to go after the bigger names in order to get a better world ranking and make sure he's heading in a positive direction towards a shot at a world title. So what does he do, he fights a 40 year old Martin Rogan for the Irish title. It's hard to see it any other way other then Fury avoided fighting David Price.

So where does the feud stand today. After Price demolished Audley Harrison in 1 round the talk about Fury fighting Price has flared up again. Not only are people calling Tyson Fury scared, but now the talk has turned pretty mean and personal. Insults aimed at Tyson Fury's wife and family have been doing the rounds online. Not written by Price, but his fans and followers. This has made Fury Furious. He was interviewed on Channel 5 not long after the comments were made and had a hard time keeping himself composed. It was clear to see that he's not happy with either David Price, his fans, and also boxer and close friend to David Price, Tony Bellew. Fury said he'd batter Bellew in between rounds for what he's said so he's clearly not happy with whatever Bellew has been saying.

With all the silly insults aside this fight makes sense in many ways. First and foremost, the British public want to see this fight, that means it would be good for the fans and it would generate a lot of money. Second, both have questionable punch resistance. Tyson Fury has been down numerous times against low level opposition, and Price has been classed as "chinny" since being stopped a few times in the amateurs and not really being tested as a professional in that department yet. It makes for an interesting fight. Tyson Fury said that Price was stiff and robotic but from what Ive seen it's Fury who seems to be stiff, one dimensional, and less mobile.

Will the fight happen, who knows. If both keep on winning then they will be destined to meet at some point. Actually even if they both lose they could still end up fighting. Hopefully not years down the line. Just an example, but look at where we are in terms of Ricky Hatton and Amir Khan. Not long ago people could not see this fight anywhere on their radar and now it's being talked about a lot. It's just a shame that Hatton and Khan could end up fighting when one (or both) are not in their primes anymore. It would be a shame if the same thing happened with Price and Fury.

If these two end up fighting I'd put my money on David Price. He's been very impressive so far and seems to be the one that has the potential to mix at world level.

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david price needs a nickname. i think it should be david pay the price