Sunday, 7 April 2013

David Haye Come Back Interview 2013

David Haye is fighting on June 29th 2013 against an opponent yet to be named. Haye and Adam Booth have assured everyone that the opponent will be a highly ranked heavyweight within the top 15 of the world rankings. We all know that David Haye showed himself up against Wladimir Klitschko with all the talk, the toe, and not knocking Wladimir out. But he has slightly redeemed himself by smashing Chisora to bits. No one expected Haye to demolish Chisora the way he did. Chisora went 12 rounds with Vitali Klitschko and Vitali, although he hurt his hand in the fight, could not get rid of Chisora.  Yet David Haye completely knocked him into next week.

David Haye did choose to retire early for a heavyweight at 31 years old. It was a bit of a silly decision that Haye and Adam Booth came to many years ago, that Haye would do all he could in the sport and then retire at 31. But for a heavyweight 31 is very young to retire. David Haye, now 32, is actually in his prime for a heavyweight. While it's true that all people reach a peak at different ages and wear and tear can count for a lot, David Haye hasn't really had many tough fights where he's taken huge punishment. Haye's boxing style is elusive, he's an in and out type of fighter. He gets inside, does some damage and gets back out of range.

David Haye coming back is good for British boxing, actually it's good for boxing world wide. It pumps a bit of much needed energy into the heavyweight scene. And it also makes things that little bit tougher for up and comers like Tyson Fury and David Price. Sorry to say, but If either Fury or Price ends up fighting Haye they have a good chance of being out classed, and worse still for them at least, knocked out. Tyson Fury Vs David Haye would be a fight the fans would want to see. It would also generate some big money.

Video Credit: Global Sport In Colour

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mpmmpm said...

If Chisora can win one or two fights he should do a Haye and start calling out Haye for a big money rematch.

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