Klitschko Vs Fury Germany Face Off

This is what a lot of people have been waiting for. The fight build up has finally started and the first press conference has took place today a while ago in Germany. The press conference starting rather quietly but soon gained momentum when both Wladimir and Fury both took little shots at each other. Tyson Fury stole the show though with his "This Klit is getting licked" one liner. Check out IFLTV Youtube channel to see the whole press conference, or to see the heated exchange video click here.

Everyone has there own opinion on the first impressions regarding to how each fighter looks etc. But to me, under all the big words and bravado it looked like Tyson Fury was a bit nervous, as if the magnitude of the task in hand has finally dawned on him.

However, we all know that a lot of the time the impression someone gives off at a press conference, or even the weigh-in for that matter, doesn't give us much to read into in the grand scheme of things. A fighter can look quite nervous at a weigh-in and then be totally on it when the fight is on and knock the confident fighter out cold. Just take a look at some of Golovkin's weigh-ins and face offs. He doesn't look at the opponent all evil, scared to look away first etc. And look at what he does on fight night. Some people were saying at GGG's last weigh-in against Lemieux: "Lemieux has got this, GGG looked nervous". "Put your house on Lemieux".. And we all seen what happened in that fight.

So it's wise not to read into it too much. Saying that, I do still think that Tyson Fury is in over his head here. He does have a lot of heart, determination, and size on his side, but the bottom line in this fight is skill and punch resistance.

Once Wladimir starts connecting with straight right hands Fury is in serious trouble. His defence isn't good enough. He has been put down by much lighter punchers. Yes, he has got up off the canvas to win the fight, but against Wladimir, once Fury gets hit he will stay hit. Fury could have a chance if Wladimir shows his age in this fight and get tired once, or if, the fight goes past 5 or 6 rounds. But chances are the firepower will be too much for Fury to handle. Nevertheless, expect an excellent, action packed fight. Fury won't lie down for no one. And he looks to be in his best shape ever for this fight. More to come as the build up progresses.

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