Saturday, 28 February 2009

Martin Rogan Knocks Out Matt Skelton In Round 11

Matt Skelton Vs Martin Rogan

Martin Rogan Knocks Out Matt Skelton In Round 11

Both fighters look ready to go at the beginning of the fight. This is a superb domestic match up, both boxers are very tough and are the best of the British Heavyweight Division, except David Haye.

Round 1: Both boxers start this fight like it's a one round fight, starting extremely fast, throwing bombs to the body and head. Matt Sketlon has probably edged the 1st round, keeping Rogan on the ropes. But some good punches from Rogan too, rocking Skelton on a few occasions.

Round 2: With both men giving a huge effort in the first, the fight now slows with Rogan fighting smart and landing some good punches to the body of Skelton along the ropes. Good round for Martin Rogan, outworking Matt Skelton.

Round 3: Rogan comes out swinging! But Skelton quickly ups the pace and lands some great punches and a brawl starts, both men trading punches, great upper cut by Skelton. Great round with both men trading power punches mostly through the whole round. A tough round to score.

Round 4: Huge right by Rogan! Skelton goes behind his jab. Skelton is moving around the ring well, trying to keep his distance. Both fighters trading on the inside with decent body punches. Skelton finishes the round with some hurtful punches to the face of Rogan. Rogan looked hurt.

Round 5: Both fighters now resort to a jabbing match with Rogan closing the distance and landing some great punches along the ropes, Rogan swings wildly, Skelton throws back, the fight is now a toe to toe war! Rogan is coming on strong, Skelton is cut and looks very tired. Skelton resort back to the jab. Massive round for Martin Rogan, he caught Skelton with some huge punches!

Round 6: Rogan comes on strong again with pure determination, closing the distance and landing punches along the ropes. Great shot to the face by Rogan which hurt Skelton, Roagan's workrate is great, he will not be denied, putting in way more work then Rogan, Rogans Round.

Round 7: Both fighters take a little breather, jabbing and moving. Good shot by Rogan, both men hold. Skelton gets a glove taped back up. Skelton is on the back foot, gets caught with a huge punch by Rogan. Skelton looks tired. Good round for Martin Rogan.

Round 8: Rogan starts strong, gets caught with some punches by Skelton. Rogan senses Skelton is tired and picks up the pace, Rogan lands some massive punches, which look like they could stop the fight, but Skelton finds some reserves and comes back with some huge punches of his own. Both fighters trading on pure will, Rogan coming on stronger, pummeling Skelton on the ropes. Huge round for both fighters, Specially Rogan!

Round 9: good right by Rogan. Skelton jabbing and moving, trying to get some energy back. The pace has dropped dramatically, both fighters look tired. Good upper cut by Skelton. Rogan still coming forward, Skelton catches Rogan with some good punches to end the round.

Round 10: Rogan looks tired on his feet. Skelton lands a good jab. Good shot by Rogan, followed by some decent punches from Skelton. Both fighters are feeling the pace. Skelton Catches Rogan with 3 unanswered punches to end the 10th round.

Round 11: Rogan looks tired, getting clipped with a few shots, but comes on strong with some huge punches along the ropes, sending Skelton accross the ring and Skelton goes down!! Skelton gets up and is allowed to continue, but Rogan comes on strong, sensing the end is near, catches Skelton with some massive punches, causing the referee to stop the fight!

The new Commonwealth Champion MARTIN ROGAN!!!!!!

Great fight for Martin Rogan, he showed the true heart of a lion, and would not be denied. Rogan deserved that win so much, he really put everything into this fight and it payed off. A great win for the down to earth Irishman.

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Rogan For President! said...

Rogan is an animal. He just refuses to lose. You gotto admire the man. what a tough guy.

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