Saturday, 14 March 2009

Amir Khan Beats Marco Antonio Barrera

Amir Khan Beats Marco Antonio Barrera In 5 Rounds

Amir Khan fought a great fight, no doubt about it. He dominated every round and did not let Marco Antonio Barrera get going. The fight was actually stopped because of a huge clash of heads which happened very early (first round!) in the fight, in which Barrera came off worse, having a huge gash on the top of his head.

After the clash of heads Barrera constantly had blood trickling down into his eyes, which affected his performance in a big way. A very unlucky fight for Marco Antonio Barrera, to get that clash of heads so early. Personally i feel that if there was no clash of heads it would of been a much different fight. Barrera, with his experience of 12 round fights, would of caught Khan at some point in the fight and possibly knocked Khan out. But it never happened, and Amir Khan won the fight.

Amir Khan looked much bigger and stronger then Barrera. Khan looked to be troubling Barrera with his speed of punches and quick footwork. But i do feel Barrera never really got into the fight, wether that was Khans speed and movement or getting cut so early, maybe a mix of both.

The end came in round 5, being stopped by the ring doctor. The cut was just too bad and bleeding too much for the fight to continue.

A good win for Amir Khan,which will now catapult him into the big time. He will now be fighting for a world title soon.

Barrera is a true boxing legend with nothing left to prove, being 35 years old he should retire. He has won 7 world titles and fought some of the best fights ever.


Anonymous said...

Khan shocked the world!!!!

Make Money Online said...

Khan can go on to big things now. But if he lets that guard down it's goodnight viena

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