Monday, 16 March 2009

Can Amir Khan Now Win A World Title?

Can Amir Khan Now Win A World Title

After watching the fight with Marco Antonio Barrera, and seeing how Khan can box when everything depends on it, he has made me think he could possibly win a world title. Working with Freddy Roach and sparring with top fighters, including Manny Pacquiao has worked wonders for Amir Khan, he does seem much better, and although he will never have good punch resistance, if he can box like he did against Barrera, i think he could win a World Title.

Though i must admit, i do feel that if the cut never happened we could of seen a Barrera victory. Saying that, Amir Khan looked very fast and strong compared to Barrera, i know that Barrera moved up in weight for the fight, but maybe Amir Khan can use his strength and quickness to beat the current world title holders.

He can win a world title if he boxes clever, but you have to give thought to if, or when he does get caught with some good shots. Because in all honesty, although Khan fought a great fight against Barrera, Barrera never really got into the fight, and being 35 years old he wasn't exactly in his peak.

However, after this fight my opinion of Khan has changed, he did show composure, followed the corners instructions perfectly, and boxed clever under pressure. These are the keys to him winning a world title. If Amir Khan can stay fully focused, and most importantly, listen to Freddy Roach's advice and instructions, even when under pressure, he can win a world title. He has the best people around him for success and it seems to be working. Freddy Roach is the miracle man, and Manny Pacquiao is one of the best boxers in the world, if Khan can't win a world title with these two on his side, he never will. Lets hope his chin doesn't let him down.


Anonymous said...

Khan can do it, bring it home to Britain son. Asian means nothing, Khans British first and fore most.

blow said...

amir khan caught barerra on the tale end of his colourful career. Boxing is all about timing as frank warren (khans promoter) always says..

bizzle ma nizzle u shwizzle bizzle said...

khan will school this jewish boxer salita. salita has been fed tomato cans for most of his fights. 30-0 lol he has no one thats known on his whole record. khan will stop salita in 6 rounds.

Anonymous said...

Amir Khan done it

WBA champ

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