Monday, 23 March 2009

Carl Froch Vs Jermain Taylor

Carl Froch Vs Jermain Taylor

This fight is coming soon, and i must say hats off to Carl Froch, this is the first defense of his WBC title which he won by beating Jean Pascall, and he has not picked any easy opponent to defend the title against.

Jermain Taylor is a world class boxer, who has fought world class fighters like, Bernard Hopkins, Winky Right, Kelly Pavlik, so i think we can safely say this is a big step up in class for Carl Froch. Carl Froch has not fought anyone that was near to world class and in their prime, other then Jean Pascall, and it is questionable whether he was world class or not, personally i think Pascall is no where near the class, or experience level of Jermain Taylor. The only other boxer of any stature that Carl Froch fought was Robin Reid, but he was right at the end of his career.

This is the big test for Carl Froch, winning this fight will certainly catapult him into the big time in the USA, big time big money. But if Carl Froch loses, and depending how he loses, he will be looked at as a hyped up domestic club fighter who won the vacant WBC title and couldn't even defend it once.

But there some advantages for Carl Froch fighting Jermain Taylor, one is that Taylor has already tasted defeat, and has also been knocked out. Second is Taylor has a tendency to keep his hands low, perfect for Carl Frochs uppercuts and over hand punches, keeping the hands low is a dangerous thing to do because Carl does have some power. But on the other hand, Carl Froch could be at a disadvantage because of his terrible guard, he keeps one hand by his side most of the time, which again is a dangerous thing to do against Jermain Taylor. This fight is also taking place in the USA, so home advantage goes to Taylor.

This is an interesting fight, both fighters keep their hands low, both fighters have good power, so this will be an explosive fight, with all the ingredients for a knockout either way. I very much doubt this fight will go the distance.

Carl Froch deserves some respect win or lose against Jermain Taylor, he it taking on a live, world class opponent for his first WBC title defense, which is more then most other boxers have the backbone do for their first defense.


Anonymous said...

taylor will dominate this guy froch

doom said...

Froch seems to be looking to who he will fight after Taylor! Bute is name he is looking for. He has to beat Taylor first!! I think that is a bad move for froch, even to say that could be a bad omen.

haymaker said...

Carl Froch is to SPAR with Jean Pascall in preperation for his fight with Jermain Taylor. I bet Pascall is gonna try and take his head off!. I wouldn't be surprised if Froch can't fight Taylor because of an injury from sparring with jean pascall.

adam said...

Taylor can be lazy in fights but Carl fights 3 minutes a round. He will break Taylors heart and knock him out around the 10th!

Quick word from Carl Froch said...

Come on Froch. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

You said this fight wouldnt go the distance! lol How right you were. Just about! Good blog.

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