Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mike Tyson The Movie | Watch The Trailer

Mike Tyson The Movie Watch The Trailer

This film is due out very soon in cinemas world wide. So what can we expect from this new Tyson movie? Some people are saying that Mike Tyson lies a lot in this movie about the way he was treated, others are saying this film is superb, due to the fact that there is loads of previously unseen footage and pictures of Mike Tyson himself. But mostly the reason behind people queing up to see this film is because Mike Tyson actually comments on, and reveals his own personal views regarding the chapters of his troubled past and present life, good and bad, something that has never been seen before with this kind of honesty and inhibition.
From the streets of Brooklyn to worldwide fame, this man fought his way to the top, becoming a worldwide sports icon, and then he lost it all. Mike Tyson looks at himself in many ways as a failure, but no one can take away from him the raw talent he had, and what he achieved in the boxing ring. Mike Tyson, no matter what turbulence people remember him for, should always be known and remembered as one of the best, and most talented heavyweight boxers in history. This film is well worth going to watch, Mike Tyson reveals himself like never before.
Mike Tyson The Movie Trailer


High Paying Keywords said...

Mike Tyson is a living legend. Will be going to watch this film. Just concerned if it ends up being almost the same as all the other "tyson" documentarys out there, but with a few extra scenes. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Mike Tyson. Best heavyweight ever

JJ said...

Why couldn't tyson of done a George Foreman type of life change.

Tyson had everything. It's shocking to think that someone that had earned millions and millions from boxing could end up broke!

Anonymous said...

Tyson is possibly the most well known althlete worldwide

Anonymous said...

Mike Tyson YEAH!

Anonymous said...

Tyson was a beast in hi prime. no one comes close.

Joe said...

Tyson done it all his own way.

julo said...

tyson power!

today mike tyson seems like he is very withdrawn. very very chilled.

Didn't he lose his daughter in a freak accident not to long back..

We love you mike and hope you are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

tysons the greatest.

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