Saturday, 14 March 2009

Tyson Fury Wins His 4th Professional Fight

Tyson Fury Wins His 4th Professional Fight

Another win for Tyson Fury, the fourth of his professional career. Tyson Fury was relentless all the way through the fight against Lee Swaby, putting Lee under a lot of pressure until he refused to come out for the fifth round after taking too much punishment throughout the fight and not wanting to take anymore.

A good win for Tyson Fury, though he does need to face a slightly more experienced opponent now, someone that will test him a little bit. His first 4 fights have been against poor class opponents, who he has many advantages over. Obviously it is very early days yet, am i expecting too much too soon? Probably! but just as it would not be right to throw him in with a Klitschko brother just yet, it would good for him to get tested more.

As mentioned it is early days for Fury so I'm sure his team will start to step him up in class when they feel the time is right, which hopefully should be soon.


Grab a Bargain said...

Tyson Fury is not world level. His is very open to punches, and throws wide punches. Soon as he does move to better opposition he will get beat up, and beat up bad.

Get Fit said...

Cant see Tyson fury getting very far to be honest. A big club fighter is what he is.

heeeelium said...

tyson fury - yawn..wake me up when he gets KO'D!!!!

ste said...

tyson fury was lucky in his last fight and i bet gypy john fury -tysons dad - thought that. tyson will win the rematch with dermott i rekon.

then again dermott did catch fury with almost every punch.

Anonymous said...

Tyson furys next fight?

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