Sunday, 22 March 2009

Vitali Klitschko Beats Juan Carlos Gomez In 9

Vitali Klitschko Beats Juan Carlos Gomez In 9 Rounds

In what was quite an exciting fight for a Klitschko fight. Vitali Klitschko was fighting a B class fighter in Juan Carlos Gomez, who was the mandatory challenger for the WBC Heavyweight title, Vitali Klitschko stops him in the 9th round.

Gomez fought to the best of his ability, which was not enough to dethrown Vitali Klitschko. Credit to Gomez, he looked like he could of troubled Vitali on a few occasions, though Vitali did do a good job of blocking most of his punches. If he was just more busier he could of caught Vitali more. Moslty, Vitali Klitschkos spear like jab was just too much for Gomez to get past.

Both fighters looked slow, and at points it was a boring fight in the earlier rounds. Gomez was down several times in the fight, particularly the 7th round, Gomez was doing well, catching Vitali a few times, but was caught with some big punches to the face in the process, crashing rights and lefts and down he went, looking tired and slightly disheartened by this point. Once Gomez was up from the knock down, Vitali sensed the end was near and was trying to get him out of there, throwing some big punches, but as they came together after punches were thrown, they both fell to the floor ( Gomez on the bottom ) in some sort of accidental slip, which must of took even more out of the tank of Gomez, he was hurt anyway, and once both fighters were back on there feet, Gomez was in trouble again, getting caught with big punches, he done well to survive the round.

Round 8 and Vitali Klitschkos high guard, spear jab and power right hand straights are taking their toll on Juan Carlos Gomez. After getting caught with some power punches from Vitali, Gomez stood there stuned and motionless for a few seconds, as if he was out on his feet for a moment, then just came back to life and woke up! Getting caught with more punches, Gomez seemed to turn his back on Vitali Klitschko in order to get away from the punches, not a good sign.

The end of the fight came in the ninth round, after an accidental clash of heads, in which Gomez was the only fighter hurt, Vitali Klitschko was blamed and 1 point was deducted. This clash of heads looked like a total accident, no one should have had a point deducted.

The fight was allowed to continue and straight away Gomez was caught with a flurry of decent power punches and was down, once up he looked like he'd had enough, but he was allowed to contine, he was still game to go on, as this was his one and only chance to win a world title. Gomez tried to get back into the fight, but Vitali was catching him too much, with him also being very tired and not having much left, he got caught again and again with powerful hooks and straights, until he turned his back on his opponent for the second time trying to avoid the punches, but as we all know know, your not allowed to turn your back on your opponent, and with him doing this you could tell he just wanted the fight to end, he had nothing left, he had basically given up. Gomez he gave it his all but was a class apart from Vitali.

After this fight, it has left me thinking that Vitali Klitschko, although a tough guy, and a good boxer who can take some serious punishement, could be there for the taking. I think that against a better fight then Gomez, Vitali could have been in trouble. On a few occasions he seemed quite open to hooks and straights. Now that his mandatory challenger is out of the way, we might see Vitali have to fight a better opponent, someone like David Haye. This could be a very interesting fight. I hope it happens.


Anonymous said...

Gobby Gomez certainly talked a good fight at the press conferences. Talk is cheap and you got wacked gomez. Vitali will rule for a little while longer yet

"Dr. Ironfist" will beat haye to. People domt understand how hard this guy hits, watching it on the TV doesnt let you see the power behind it. Haye will feel it first hand.

Anonymous said...

Haye is an ok fighter but i agree, he will lose to vitali, and possibly even wladimir. i cannot wait to it

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