Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mikkel Kessler Vs Andre Ward

Mikkel Kessler Vs Andre Ward

Andre Ward Beats Kessler...Read more..

With all the huge fights that have been taking place recently, this fight has been slightly over shadowed. Never the less, this will be one hell of a fight. Mikkel Kessler is arguably the main man at Super Middleweight, with only one loss onhis record, and that was a loss on points to Super Middleweight King Joe Calzaghe. We can safely say, Mikkel Kessler has fought much better opposition then Andre Ward. But as we all know, or should know by now, styles make fights, and i think Andre Ward has the style to cause Mikkel Kessler a lot of problems.

Many experienced boxing experts and observers beleive that Andre Ward is one the best talents they have seen in a long time. He's got it all, superb boxing skills, fast footed, quick minded, fast hands, and also packs decent punching power. But can he beat Mikkel Kessler? Well, that depends on how he handles such a big event, and what gameplan he brings. If he has too much to prove and trys to go toe to toe with Mikkel Kessler he will get knocked out in spectacular fashion. If he boxes, uses his superb boxing skills and movement he will win this fight on points easily. Mikkel Kessler does not deal with slick boxing skills too good, he likes opponents to stand in close and be still for long periods of time. Andre Ward can do the opposite and capitalise on Kesslers weakness - Boxers with good Movement.

This will be a great fight. Mikkel Kessler's WBA Super middleweight belt is on the line, and Kessler is fighting in Andre Wards backgarden. Oakland, which is Andre Ward's home town.

Prediction: I beleive this is a huge fight for both fighters, but in particular i beleive it's much bigger for Andre Ward. Mikkel Kessler has fought in huge fights already, and i think this will be the deciding factor for Andre Ward. He will be too eager to please and end up with his foot on the gas for the first 5 rounds and be winning the fight. But because of Mikkel Kessler's experience, he will bide his time and wait for Andre Ward to slow down, then Kessler will open up on Ward. Does Andre Ward have the experience and punch resistance to be able to take, or nutralize Mikkel Kesslers huge range of power punches, somehow i just don't think so. A tough fight for both boxers but Mikkel Kessler wins by knockout.


Duch Gamerz said...

Kessler will blow this fool away.

Anonymous said...

ward is no chump.

Anonymous said...

kessler by ko

I stink man said...

wards an amateur compared to kessler

Boxing Game said...

kessler vs abraham will be the final fight of the super six tournament

Anonymous said...

mikkel kessler is one dimensional

Anonymous said...

kessler may have lost to ward but he'll kick froch up an down the ring

moomin said...

Andre Ward could win the super six.

Froch will beat Kessler, he's tough.

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