Tyson Fury Should Be Celebrated

So, Tyson Fury goes to Germany, and with everything against him, beats the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World who has reigned for over a decade, and comes back to the UK not as a hero, but to a mountain of riducule made up by the main stream media. Most of the UK newspapers are total scum, and this just proves it even more. They would sell their own mothers for a story. If you're not a robot and don't act and say what is deemed as "politically correct" they will jump all over it, blow it out of all proportion, and try to make you look like a bad person. This is what they are currently doing to Tyson Fury.

But I'm glad to see that a lot of people can see through their tactics. They are master manipulators, always trying to condition people into thinking a certain way in order to forward their own sneaky agenda. They do it with everything, not just with people who don't conform and speak their mind like Tyson Fury. A common, and extremely successful example is the way the media reports on wars. Most of what is written and reported has been cleverly crafted in order to get the public to think or react in a certain way. One word can sum this up quite well. Propaganda. Here is the definition of the word Propaganda. "Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war; it is used to dehumanize and create hatred toward a supposed enemy, either internal or external, by creating a false image in the mind." Only, this method can be used for anything and have the same effect.

So Tyson said something about a women athlete that looks good in a dress, and voiced his opinion on Gay people and Paedophiles. And what...Can a man not have an opinion anymore? What, just because that opinion does not agree with everyone he's now considered as a sexist and a homophobe.. Christians and Muslims do not agree with Homosexuality, and if you follow one of those religion's do you have to pretend that you are in full support of it just in case you hurt someones feelings..You can't say anything these days without insulting at least one person. Well, f*ck them. Not everyone agrees with that sh*t. And the people who don't shouldn't be afraid to voice their opinion. It's OK when people want to express themselves and do a gay march but its not OK when a man wants the same equal right to speak his mind. It's called freedom of expression / freedom of speech, and it works both ways.

Boxing's a mans sport, with real men who sometimes speak their minds. If some people don't like, or can't handle that go and watch something else. In my opinion we need more people like Tyson Fury. And just like the powers that be have started a petition that now has 70,000 signatures in favour of him being removed from the short list of becoming the sports personality of the year, I wish there was a reverse petition for people who support Tyson. I bet that would blow the 70,000 signatures from the people who want him removed out of the water. Is there one that I'm not aware of? Post a comment.

Overall, I think it's really sad when a man who, against all odds, pulls off a win against a great champion when no one expected him to even last a few rounds, comes home and is not given his well deserved respect. It is a disgrace. The win has been brushed under the carpet and replaced with some silly little story's conjured up by some newspapers desperate to damage a mans image and create controversy. All for the sake of getting some extra website traffic and selling a few more papers. This just goes to show how manipulative and heartless the main stream media is.

Thankfully, we are not living in World War II, where for some country's the only sources of information were either papers / leaflets dropped from aircraft's to the people below, or the radio.. Imagine how easy it was to make people think a certain way when that's their only sources of information. With the Internet people now have unlimited sources of REAL news outlets to choose from and the agenda driven mainstream outlets hate that! Look at some of the things they have reported about Tyson Fury..Look at the way they worded it, and then go and watch the actual video footage that they wrote the story about. You will no doubt see with your own eyes how they have twisted the whole thing and blown it all out of proportion. They have made themselves look really stupid. Like the title says, Tyson Fury should be celebrated for going over to Germany and beating the champ in his own back yard against all odds. It really is a great achievement, and I'm so happy for him and his team.

Another sad development for me is how much respect I have lost for Wladimir Klitschko throughout the build up to this fight, and in the actual fight itself. Him and his team tried every dirty trick possible to give themselves the best possible chance of winning this fight. And they still lost!. I know Wladimir has been a great champion and deserves respect, but I think he deserved to lose this fight. He wanted to control every aspect but was met with resistance every step of the way.

Mind Games: First off, the boxing glove drama. Not supplying the correct gloves. Then the weight at the weigh in being wrong, which again seemed deliberate. The bouncy castle ring canvas that was highly suspicious. Tyson's team, and even Lennox Lewis were not impressed to say the least. A representative from the British Boxing Board, or commission said they had never seen anything like it, ever!. It was so spongy that it appears to have been used as a tactic to try and knacker Fury's legs out after a few rounds making him a slower, easier target with worn out legs in the later rounds. Wladimir's hand wraps were also done without a witness from the Fury camp being present. Again, very suspicious behaviour for such an experienced champion with almost 70 fights under his belt.

Then comes the fight. Wladimir was doing so many illegal things and the referee did nothing. Wladimir was pulling Fury's head down and basically getting him in a head lock. He kept turning his back, which he should have been warned, and eventually deducted a point for. Ironically, Fury had a point taken away for hitting Wladimir when his head was turned away! [Protect yourself at all times] Wladimir was also trying the punch (hook) followed by the push trick, a tactic he used to full effect when he fought and knocked out Kubrat Pulev. And if that wasn't enough Wladimir became so frustrated that he couldn't tame Fury that he gave Fury a jumping head butt! In full view of the referee. When this happens Fury actually turns to the referee and says something like "Have a word ref", or "Come on ref", but still the referee done nothing at all. Referee Tony Weeks was a complete joke. And guess who the referee was when Wladimir fought Pulev and used his punch and push technique to full effect without getting as much as a warning. Yeah, you got it, Tony Weeks.

It was like Wladimir would do anything to hold on to those belts. Cheating, with home advantage, and with the referee in his pocket, he still lost anyway. The better man won. And that man should not be pressured into holding his tongue. Seeing how Tyson is, he won't be anyway. He has an opinion like everyone else, and he's not afraid to tell it like he sees it. And that's the way it should be. Does the issue go deeper? I got the feeling that a lot of people, including the UK boxing commentators / presenters, really didn't want Fury to win this fight. Some people are convinced the bad press Fury is getting is not only due the comments he has made about various subjects, but also because he is a Gypsy..It could well be true, but who knows for sure. Whatever the reason, and whatever his personal opinions are, give the man the credit he deserves. He's done something that many have tried but failed to do, relieve Wladimir of all his belts. Well done Tyson Fury.

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Fury being investigated by police for hate speech now. lol wtf. UK is backwards