Friday, 25 December 2009

Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao Is Back On

Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao Is Back On

The Fight Is Now Officially Off - 31 December 2009

The latest word round the camp fire is that the fight is back on. Will this be the last of it, I'm not sure. Who knows what other obstacles Floyd might try and throw in the way of this potential superfight taking place.

Bob Arum has stated that he will let the Nevada Althletic Drug Testing Commission do all the testing, which can be an unlimited amount of testing, but only up until a certain amount of time before the fight takes place. So, blood might still be taken but only up to a certain date. Urine samples will be unlimited.

I think this is probably the best option to just let the Nevada Athletic Commission do all the testing. Manny Pacquiao has never failed a drug test, so all the rumors that Manny is on steroids really have no proof or substance. They are just rumors.

This will be one hell of a fight. And because of Floyd Mayweather being so awkward in the build up, i think Manny Pacquiao will want to teach him a lesson. Floyd will try his hardest to keep his undefeated record intact.

So, for now the fight is back on, but who knows what else might come up. Don't hold your breath.

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X51 said...

no good ploy by floyd

HYPE is all it was

tnt toney said...

Is this official?

chink said...

hope floyd gets a boxing lesson in this one

Reespect said...

Thank you for the update

Good blog man

Eyei said...

floyd sure knows how to generate interest and debate in a boxing match

gotto give him that much at least

Anonymous said...

yes baby

e3 said...

yu goin down boy money m

Anonymous said...

gayweather too much mouth sucking he will go down

tek0 said...

the whole mayweather family run their mouths 2 much'

they know they gonna lose


Anonymous said...

if mayweather gets beat, you know the mayweathers will look for all the excuses under the sun

Anonymous said...


zac said...

when is the mosley berto fight?

Anonymous said...

Pacquiao is looking to sue floyd for defamation of character...that will teach floyd , he will think twice in the future about making false accusations

good news

and the fights backon

even better

hawkL said...

This is not the case anymore..Roger and Floyd Sr have said they were only joking, hahaha whatever!

Come on pacman teach these guys a lesson.

Debo said...

Unfortunately i see floyd mayweather winning the fight. Technically Floyd is superior.

It remains to be seen how floyd will handle the pressure, hand speed of manny.

Knowing floyd he will figure him out in 3 rounds then take over the fight, winning a wide decision on the scorecards.

Hope im wrong because i am a super manny fan

^^^*** said...

to much money on the table for this fight not to happen

Pakwaio said...

As much as i want manny to win, in a way i want him to lose. The reson is down to all the pacman fans, they think he is god. I would like to see them silenced with him getting beat, just to prove he's not superman.

Oh wait, he's been beaten a few times already- Morales was the name.

Anonymous said...

yes Morales was the most recent

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