Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Is Off

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Is Off - Permanently!

Well, i did say, don't hold your breath.. Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao Is totally Off, not going to happen. The new reason is the lawsuit being filed by Manny Pacquiao for false accusations and defamation of character. This lawsuit officially kills the fight ever happening. This lawsuit is not just being filed against Floyd Mayweather Jr and Floyd Mayweather Sr, but also against Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Shaefer. This is for doing public interviews claiming that Manny Pacquiao has, or possibly could have been using performance enhancing drugs at some point in his previous boxing matches.

From the start, this fight has been destined not to happen. So many obstacles and silly niggles have been put in the way, forcing the fight not to happen. It's a shame that the fight to truely decide the best P4P boxer in the world will not be taking place, and i think it does boxing as a whole no favors. This type of drama politics is making boxing look a lot like the fake WWF - WWE Wrestling banter. All the fake arguing and hair pulling! Where have the real boxers gone, the ones that don't let trash talk or silly accusations stand in the way - THEY JUST FIGHT!

So then, both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will fight someone else other then each other. I'm not sure who Floyd will fight, but it has been mentioned that Manny Pacquiao could possibly take on Yuri Foreman. A win over Foreman would see Manny Pacquiao become an 8 weight champion, something never done before in boxing. That would be a superb achievement.


Anonymous said...

nice news 4 the new year

giveuabeating said...

good, saves all the bs.

one day on then off ffs guys fight or stfu

Anonymous said...

what as joke this fight build up has been

slack said...

this fight proves the way boxing is going, going downhill. no wonder people prefer MMA

Carlton said...

Floyds such a fool. He's got way to much to lose, he doesn't want to be a stepping stone for Manny. If he would of fought and gotten beat, that's all he would have been. The 0 would go...

Floyds shown his true colours over this situation..The colour YELLOW.

He knows Manny is a big risk to take

Send ufo storys said...

Floyd mayweather jr has made himself look silly.

If he has not, he has at the very least made it know from his actions that he is pretty afraid of pacman

Floyd and his camp cannot get their heads around the fact that manny is that good without steroids.

Anonymous said...

this fight was floyds chance to prove hes not a ducker. we needed action, instead we got talk and speculation.

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