Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ricky Hatton Making A Boxing Comeback

Ricky Hatton Making A Boxing Comeback

Ricky Hatton this week confirmed that he is making a comeback to the ring, and will have his comeback fight at some point in 2010. At the moment he does look quite out of shape, he also looks rather unhealthy looking in the face. I beleive this shows the extent of Ricky's unhealthy lifestyle when he's not in training for a fight. It's a scarey thought to think of him in 10 years time, when he is completely retired from the ring.

There are more people who think Ricky Hatton should stay retired rather then make a comeback, and im one of them. As much as i like Ricky, you would have to be blind to think that he can comeback to boxing and be better then he ever was. Is Ricky Hatton past his best? I think almost everyone would say yes he is. His fights against the best were crushing defeats, yes they were at the hands of the two best in the world, but they were still bad knockout defeats.

Watching some of Ricky Hattons recent interviews has made me think that he is just kidding himself. Ricky Hatton has made every excuse under the sun regarding both his losses against Pacman and Mayweather. He has given every excuse, other then blame himself, which is why i say he's kidding himself. He's even said that the only people who want him to stay retired are the armchair fans that know nothing about boxing, and have only watched the 2 round defeat he suffered at the hands of against Manny Pacquiao!. I do not think that is the case. Hardcore Hatton fans want him to stay retired, all the boxing writers, current boxers, even many ex-boxers think he should just call it a day, surely they know the boxing game.

Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin, no one is to blame for those two losses except Ricky Hatton's skill level, fighting style, lifestyle when not fighting, and his own preperations in the lead up to the fights. The truth is, Ricky Hatton is not up there with the elite fighters, twice he has tried and twice he has failed. To keep fighting on is not in his best interests.

That's not to say he wasn't, or still isn't a world class fighter, and probably still could compete at that level. I'm sure he could step in the ring and mix it up with some of the good fighters currently out there in the light welterweight division. But i just fear that Ricky's punch resistance is slipping, and once that starts to become apparent it's a good idea to get out of the boxing ring, call it a day, and be happy that you got out with a nice sum of money, a good taste of glory, and all your wits still about you.

This is all about Ricky Hatton, and how he feels mentally, he has far more that he needs to prove to himself then to anyone else. Walking away from the sport after such a bad loss is never what he imagined would happen. He's been a good champion, he's got pride, and he just can't walk away and leave on such a low. Every boxer would feel the same, some know when to call it a day and some carry on boxing for too long. Sadly, boxing on, fighting past your sell by date can have life changing consequences, Freddy Roach and Muhammad Ali found this out the hard way, and now have to cope with permanent illness stemming from boxing on for too long.

Ricky Hattons style is the worse kind of style to make comebacks with, he gets hit far too often. He's a face first brawler, and my only hope is that he makes his comeback, has one fight, wins in style and retires after that one fight.

Ricky Hattons safety is the most important thing, and i would hate for him to get hurt badly, or even lose by knockout to a young up and coming fighter, I'd be sad to see him tarnished like that. Theres no shame in losing to the best two boxers in the world, but i fear if he carrys on fighting, he will lose to someone that wouldn't of lasted more then 8 rounds with him a few years ago. He's a great guy with great character, and im sure in time he will become a great boxing promoter.

I wish him the best of luck in his comeback fight.


Anonymous said...

why O why.

tokamey said...

hattons his own worst enemy

y34e said...

he looked punch drunk already how much more beatings does he want

Anonymous said...

call time fatton

bez said...

as long as he fights mediocre opponenthe will do just fine

Anonymous said...

hattons only lost two fights, he can comeback and win a world title

cartell said...

Hattons offically retired now so it's all over and im glad he has retired

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