Friday, 26 March 2010

Arthur Abraham Vs Andre Dirrell

Arthur Abraham Vs Andre Dirrell

This fight is a superb clash of styles. The super six boxing tournament has been very good so far, with some great fights, and also a shocking defeat with Kessler getting beaten the way he did. No one was expecting that to happen. This fight between "King" Arthur Abraham and Andre "The Matrix" Dirrel has the same potential to end in a shock defeat. It's a similar match up to the Ward Vs Kessler, the big puncher that likes to stand and fight Vs the slick boxer. Abraham is the power puncher, and Dirrell is the slick boxer. I do think Dirrell has a good chance of handing Abraham his first loss, only because of his very awkward style. He will hit and move around the ring all night, which could frustrate Abraham to the point where he starts making mistakes, gets caught more, and loses on points.

However, Abraham is not just a big puncher, he has some very good boxing skills as well, and he also posseses a rock solid chin and a brilliant boxing brain. Arthur Abraham is a true warrior, fighting in one boxing match he suffered a broken jaw early on, and actually fought through the pain and went on to win the fight on points. He really is one of the toughest boxers in the world. Not many fighters would of been able to carry on fighting with a broken jaw, but Abraham refuses to lose, and always finds a way to win.

Andre Dirrell has all the tools needed to become a world champion. He has excellent boxing skills, movement, speed, and great combinations. The only things he doesn't have at the moment are experience at world level and confidence. These two qualitys will come in time, and I'm sure he will get his chance to shine in the future. In the fight against Carl Froch you could see that Dirrell had potential, but he ran too much and was too negative. As if he would do anything not to get hit, but that won't win you many fights, not on the score cards anyway.

I expect the same type of fight tactics from Dirrell in this fight against Abraham. Dirrell will hit and move, but i sense Abraham will set some traps and end up catching Dirrell with some huge punches as he comes lunging in. Can he take the strength and power of Abraham? Can Dirrell hit and move for the whole 12 rounds against the super tough, super patient Abraham..If so he will win this fight on points. Dirrell has to be careful not to get over excited, he has to stay calm and not gas himself out, because Abrahams stamina is superb and he comes on strong in the later rounds.

Prediction: As much as i want Arthur Abraham to win, i have to remind myself that styles make fights, and Abrahams style is perfect for Dirrell to look good against. I see Dirrell peppering Abraham with his jab and move style, giving Abraham his first loss with a unanimous points decision on the score cards.

Please prove me wrong Abraham!


Anonymous said...

king arthur to ko this clown in 6

beeny said...

Dirrell isnt talking so big in the press conferences for this fight then he did for the froch fight. he looks scared.

Anonymous said...

abrahams a powerhouse

zax said...

soooooo excited for this fight. Cant wait

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