Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bernard Hopkins Vs Roy Jones Jr

Bernard Hopkins Vs Roy Jones Jr

So much has happened in both boxers careers since the last time the pair met in the ring all those years ago. They have both had good times and bad, each being considered as P4P top 5 in the world at various times in their boxing career's. At one point Roy Jones Jr was, in my opinion, the P4P number 1 boxer in the world, no one came close to Roy Jones Jr when he was in his prime.

But that was many years ago, and since then, Roy Jones Jr has suffered some devastating knockout defeats, pointing to the fact that he was losing his punch resistance, getting hit more, and fighting on too long past his prime years. Roy Jones was at his peak when he fought Hopkins the first time, where as Hopkins was fairly inexperienced in the pro game at that point compared to Roy Jones Jr.

But the tables turned. After the first fight between the pair, Bernard Hopkins boxing career really took of, and he held and defended the title for over 10 years, going unbeaten through out that whole time period. Hopkins has stayed very disiplined with his boxing training and lifestyle. I can say with confidence that Bernard Hopkins is a throw back, he has gotten better with age. His defensive skills are some of the best in the boxing world, only bettered by Floyd Mayweather Jr. Not too long ago Bernard Hopkins gave Kelly Pavlik a boxing lesson.

As much as no man, no matter who he is, can evade the eventual slowing down that reaching old age will bring, or should i be nice and say middle age, i think im with everyone else when I say, at this age and stage in both fighters boxing careers, Bernard Hopkins has much more left then Roy Jones Jr. Bernard Hopkins has never been knocked out, never been in bad trouble in a fight, in fact he has hardly took a beating through his whole boxing career, that's how good Bernard's boxing skills were, and still are to a degree.

This will be an interesting fight because Roy Jones's mindset is totally different to when he fought his last fight where he was knocked out by Danny Green in the first round. Roy Jones is convinced that Hopkins cannot beat him, so this alone will give Jones that extra boost needed to make the fight interesting.

One the other hand Bernard Hopkins has a one goal in mind, and that's revenge. He wants to avenge the loss he suffered to Roy Jones, and this will probably see him even more motivated and more determined to win then ever before.

This is a fight of mindsets, not ages. Roy Jones beleives he has always had Bernard's number, and Hopkins knows he is ten times a better boxer now then he was when he first faced Roy Jones, so he has a serious point to prove.

Both boxers also feel that they were ducked by each other. But boxing is a business, and I remember the "ducking" was really a case of purse split disagreements. If the money split would of been acceptable to each fighter, this rematch would of happened years ago.

Prediction: Bernard Hopkins to win a unanimous decision on the score cards.


Anonymous said...


romario said...

roy jones needs to retire now hopkins will finish him off

they do say all good boxers have one big fight left inside themselves maybe this could be roys he might surprise us all

squashu said...

i want to see this fight. two genuine hall of fame boxing legends fighting each other in the twilight of their careers

Anonymous said...

hopkins gonna make it 1-1. best of 3..?

GiF said...

Bhop will take care of jones. He said he wants to fight david haye after jones...............wlad and vitali are too big, so bhops targeting the smallest never know he might pull it off, or get his head knocked off trying

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