Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tyson Furys Fighting Fit

Tyson Furys Fighting Fit

Since Tyson Fury's fight against John McDermott, in which Fury had his hand raised, to the shock of many people that thought John McDermott won the fight by a mile, Fury realised he was very luck to get the win by the referee's decision, and needed to get his fitness in order.

Well, he has done just that.Tyson Fury has been training and sparring in Germany, with new trainers, and a much better class of sparring partners. Fury has stated, This has made him in the best shape he has ever been in. Tyson Fury also said, he feels so good that he could fight David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko within hours of each other!.

I know it's just words, and Fury is basically just saying he feels great, and is confident, but I think Tyson Fury needs to be realistic. He has only had a handful of fights so far, mostly against low class opposition, except for John McDermott,who is a decent domestic fighter. But many people, me being one of them, thought Fury lost that fight by at least 4 rounds.

I beleive Tyson Fury knew himself that he lost that fight, and that's the reason why he has now woken up to the fact that he needs to be fitter and more focused on boxing in order to fight decent opponents for anything over 6 rounds. Tyson Fury had his first taste of fighting a boxer (Dermott), who can take a punch and keep fighting back, dragging a fight to the trenches. And in this step up, Fury did not look good. So it was the right move to get better sparring and better training, lets just see if all the hard work pays off in his next fight.

Tyson Fury's next fight will be on Friday, 5th March 2012 in Huddersfield, against an opponent yet to be named.

I hope he has a good performance, but i also hope the opponent is not another low class, one punch-all over journey man. Tyson Fury needs a little more of a test then that. Against that level of opposition he's not learning much.


trev said...

can you post who fury will be fighting if you find out?

fury hater said...

hes not fighting John McDermott anyways..scared he'll lose

opk said...

thats not fair, dermott deserved another fight.

the only fight fury should be having next is with dermott.

Anonymous said...

gypsy boy

fighting John McDermott said...

Tyson Furys fighting John McDermott on 22nd MAY 2010

Anonymous said...

"Tyson Furys fighting John McDermott on 22nd MAY 2010"

Music to my ears! Cant wait to see that fight

decked.. said...

fury has potential under the right trainers

D said...

same as all the boxers from britain another hype job

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