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Fedor Emelianenko Vs Fabricio Werdum

Fedor Emelianenko Vs Fabricio Werdum

I get the impression that no matter who Fedor beats, people will always have something negative to say about him or his opponent. There are a long list of things, here's a few. His opponent was old, his opponent is a nobody, Fedors taking the easy fights, Fedor should fight Brock Lesnar, Fedor should take on the best the UFC has to offer. But come on, credit where it's due. Fedor has fought some very tough competition, including Mirko Cro-Cop and Nogueira Minotauro when they where in their prime. He has also Beat two former UFC champions, and has never really lost throughout his whole career.

The 1 loss on his record was because of a cut, which was one of the rules of the bout. So basically, at the time I wrote this, Fedor was unbeaten, something that no other A-Class MMA fighter is. Most of them have numerous losses, because with MMA there's many more ways to lose. So Fedor does deserve some credit. He has been rocked by punches in previous fights, almost been submitted, been behind in fights, but he always finds a way to win. To not really have a solid loss on your record in this game, with over 30 fights really is some achievement.

Fabricio Werdum is a worthy opponent. He has an excellent ground game, holding a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Fabricio's striking has also much improved. Fedor is a superb Sambo and Judo specialist, he uses throws extremely well, specially after he throws punches, because he knows at that time his opponent is off balance, so he is able to capitalise on that. It will be interesting to see who has the upper hand on the ground between Fedor and Werdum. One thing that does concern me about Fedor's ground game is that he sometimes forgets to keep his knees up when his past opponents have been in side control, this has seen him be susceptible to getting mounted a few times in the past. With respect to Fedor, he has always escaped the mount and won the fight, but against a true BJJ black belt, I hope he has eliminated that flaw from his game, otherwise he could be in serious trouble if he gets mounted.

I beleive Fedor wins this fight. He's too sharp mentally, unbelievably skilled in all aspects of MMA, and physically, he's on another level. If the fight goes to the ground I see Fedor dishing out some damaging ground and pound, and possible winning via knockout. However, with two very dangerous fighters anything can happen, and there are many people that are betting against Fedor in this fight. They beleive Fedor is slowing down, just because he started slowly in his last two fights. Rather then then me! As tough as this fight might be for Fedor, and I'm sure Fabricio will have his moments, Fedor, so far, has always found a way to win, and I see this fight being the same. Fedor will be hurt, but will soldier to a win in one way or another.

Fedor Emelianenko has two more fights remaining with his StrikeForce contract. If he can beat Fabricio Werdum tonight, It is possible that he will face the current StrikeForce Champion Alistair Overeem. If he can win these two fights it's likely, but not a done deal, that he will sign a contract with the UFC, if the right offer is put forward. Saying that, I know there have been some recent disputes with long term sponsor of the UFC - TapOut. They wanted to sponsor Fedor to wear their TapOut clothing line, and were having TapOut t-shirts made with "Fedor" written on them, but the UFC put down a harsh ultimatum. If TapOut are involved with the event, and Fedor came out for the fight wearing a TapOut t-shirt, they would end all sponsorship deals with TapOut immediately for life. Either this is very unfair, or the UFC are more concerned about their rivals StrikeForce then they make out to be. So whether Fedor might hold this against the UFC and not sign up with them remains to be seen.

Also fighting tonight on the StrikeForce undercard are fighers Cung Le, Scott Smith, Josh Thomson, Cris Cyborg, and Jan Finney.


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