Saturday, 27 November 2010

Carl Froch Beats Arthur Abraham

Carl Froch Beats Arthur Abraham

Carl Froch totally dominates Arthur Abraham to become the WBC Super Middleweight Champion Of The World for the second time.

In all honesty, Abraham was like a statue through out the whole fight. He was so easy to hit, and was basically just standing in front of Froch all night with his hands up, but still taking strong punches to the head and body.

Carl Froch fought the perfect fight in many respects, he was on the back foot for most of the night, using his jab constantly, but still being aggressive, keeping Abraham weary of letting go with his own punches. When Abraham did get some punches off they were mostly blocked by Froch's arms, or Froch tied Abraham up. Not forgetting Froch's very good footwork, that seen him get nicely out the way of some big swinging hooks from the desperate to land a punch Abraham. My break down of the fight and how Froch could win was exactly the method he used, and he did use it to perfection.

Arthur Abraham waited far too long. I found myself feeling annoyed at how much he was just doing nothing, except taking punches. In this fight Abraham was basically a human punchbag. I expected far more from Abraham. I thought he would have really changed his game like he said he was going to, at least by starting fast..But I guess the old saying is true, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks".Not that Abrahams very old, but he is stuck in his ways, or boxing style should I say.

I think the size difference played a part in this fight as well, with Carl Froch being the naturally bigger man. Abraham wasn't able to bully Froch, and I think that had a lot to do with the natural size and strength difference between the two fighters. In Abrahams last two fights, in which he has lost both, it's clear to see that a good boxer, with good foot movement and good combinations will beat Arthur Abraham 9 out of 10 times.

A great performance by Carl Froch mentally and physically. He fought the fight the way he needed to in order to win the title.


Anonymous said...

the king stinks the place out

lewo said...

abrahams crap

Anonymous said...

abrahams power didnt show at all. carl clapped him

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