Monday, 16 May 2011

Andre Ward Vs Arthur Abraham Highlights

Andre Ward reaches the Super Six Final

Andre Wards performance against Arthur Abraham on Saturday night was very impressive. Both Abraham and Ward did fight dirty through out most of the fight, but I think this was mostly to do with their styles clashing, and because of this both fighters were a little frustrated at times. Arthur Abraham started fast and tried to be dominant, but he quickly slipped back into the Abraham we all know, covering up for most of the fight and just trying to land that one big knockout punch. Needless to say, that punch never came.

Video credit: ShowTime Sports

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

It has become quite annoying watching Abraham in this Super Six Boxing Tournament, it seems like he's been exposed as a boxer with huge power but very limited boxing skills. Sadly, It has become very clear what the blueprint for beating Arthur Abraham is. Most world class boxers that can move around, stay busy by using a good jab with the occasional combination thrown in will beat Abraham most of the time. The only chance Abraham has against slick world class boxers is if he lands one of those predictable, but very solid punches. But that's not always the best gameplan. In fact it's probably the worst. Abraham landed several big shots on Saturday but it wasn't enough to close the show. Maybe if Abraham had thrown more combinations it could have been a different story. Sometimes one punch just won't do it. Maybe he's realising this now after the run of losses he's notched up through the tournament.

Arthur Abraham should move back down to middleweight, either that or retire. He can't handle good boxers, but he is in his element against someone that is more static and willing to stand and trade.

Andre Ward just keeps looking more special with every fight he has. One thing that was surprising was that he actually had the power punching Abraham on the retreat for most of the fight. And when Abraham wasn't on the retreat he was taking a beating. If you look at how both Froch and Ward beat Abraham you will see that they were quite similar. I know that styles make fights, but I believe Froch Vs Ward would be one of the best fights that we have seen for a long time, and possibly the best and most even match up of the whole Super Six Tournament. All Froch has to do is get past Glen Johnson, which will be no easy task.

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