Friday, 20 May 2011

George Groves Vs James Degale Weigh In

George Groves Vs James Degale Weigh In

George Groves and James Degale both made the super middleweight limit with a few ounces to spare. George Groves weighed in at 11 stone 13lbs, and 7 ounces. James Degale weighed in at 11 stone 13lbs, and 6 ounces. Both fighters looked in fantastic shape, and are chomping at the bit to get this fight on. All the talk is over, and now it's all about what happens once the bell rings.
James Degale hits the scales. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

George Groves is ready to shine. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

Talkings over. Groves and Degale head to head. Photo Credit: JRfotography

James Degale seemed to be the more relaxed out of the two at the weigh in, he looked totally at home on the stage, where as George Groves seemed quite reserved and more serious. This shouldn't be percieved as fear, or that the magnitude of the event has got to Groves, he is like that anyway, slightly reserved, that's his natural personality. I think he's just ready for business.

Hopefully, Groves doesn't go into this fight angry, he needs to stay calm and focused to win this fight. If he see's the red mist, his gameplan will go out the window and we could quite possibly see him get knocked out. I doubt Groves will fight with no control though, mainly because of his corner men. Adam Booth is a very good trainer and corner man, he knows how to keep his fighter calm and on course to come out of the fight victorious. As an added bonus for George Groves, WBA Heavyweight Champion David Haye will also be working his corner for this fight. It should be a great fight, may the best man win. Looking for the weigh in video? Click here.


Granjer said...

Good ole fashioned London punch up.

Anonymous said...

groves will lose

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