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Nathan Cleverly Beats Aleksy Kuziemski

Nathan Cleverly Beats Aleksy Kuziemski

The fight was stopped in the 4th round due to Aleksy Kuziemski suffering a cut eye. A TKO win for defending WBO champion Nathan Cleverly.

Nathan Cleverly. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Nathan Cleverly started the fight fast and full of confidence, he landed some good punches on Aleksy, but Aleksy hadn't come to just lie down, he was trying to force the action, and did get through Cleverly's leaky defense to land some decent counter punches. Luckily for Nathan Cleverly, Aleksy Kuziemski doesn't have knockout power.
A fast start from Nathan Cleverly. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Aleksy Kuziemski had not come to lie down. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Aleksy Kuziemski giving as good as he got. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

Nathan Cleverly's reckless style got him into trouble in the 3rd round when he was caught by an excellent left hook from Aleksy. The left hook caught Cleverly right on the jaw line and he was definitely rocked by this punch. Aleksy Kuziemski seen that Cleverly was hurt and went for the stoppage but Nathan Cleverly recovered in good time and came back with his own barrage of punches to finish the round strongly.

Moments before the huge punch landed by Kuziemski. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Cleverly's shaken. Aleksy Kuziemski goes for the knockout. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Cleverly responds well to finish the round impressively. Photo Credit: JRfotography

 The end came when the referee spotted a cut over Aleksy Kuziemski's eye in the 4th round and just waved the fight off straight away. The referee didn't even call the doctor, he just took the decision to end the fight there and then. Perhaps the cut was worse then everyone thought. The referee is the one with the best view, so it must have been pretty bad for him to stop the fight the way he did. This fight was for the world title, and although Cleverly was starting to take over and land some good combinations, Aleksy Kuziemski was still very game, and still in with a chance to make his mark on the fight. It would of been fair to get the doctor up to the ring to have a look at the cut, because from what was visible, the cut didn't look like nothing more then a little nik above the eye. But the referee's decision is final. A good win for Cleverly.

Nathan Cleverly started to dominate. Photo Credit: JRfotography

The referee calls an end to the contest. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Still WBO Light Heavyweight Champion. Photo Credit: JRfotography

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TR7T said...

Nathans not world class. Anyone that knows boxing knows this. He wants to fight B-Hop!! LOL. Even now B-Hops a pensioner it's still no contest. Easy belt for B-Hop.

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