Friday, 20 May 2011

Nathan Cleverly Vs Kuziemski Weigh In

Nathan Cleverly Vs Aleksy Kuziemski Weigh In

I don't think I have ever seen Nathan Cleverly in such good shape for a fight. He is completely ripped, right down to the bone. I truely believe that Nathan wanted the WBO Light Heavyweight Title so badly, that he has trained like a man possessed to make sure his dream is fulfilled. It will take a very special fighter to beat him tomorrow. Although Brahmer and Bellew have both pulled out of the fight, and Nathan Cleverly is already the WBO Champion, he feels like he's not yet the true champion because he hasn't fought for the title yet. So until he fights tomorrow and wins the title, he still feels like the challenger.

Nathan Cleverly Weighs In. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Aleksy Kuziemski Weighs In. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Nathan Cleverly's opponent is Aleksy Kuziemski, he is from Poland, and given the chance he could cause a few problems for Cleverly. He only has 2 losses on his record. He has been in with some good fighters including Jurgen Brahmer, and does have good boxing skills. But with only 5 knockouts to his name I doubt Nathan Cleverly will be too concerned about standing toe to toe with him. Aleksy Kuziemski looked in excellent shape at the weigh in, and the word is that he was already in training for a fight so expect a fighting fit Aleksy Kuziemski on Saturday night. Good sportsmanship was shown by both fighters.

Ready for the fight. Cleverly and Kuziemski. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

Although most people think that Cleverly will stop Aleksy Kuziemski in the later rounds, this is boxing and you just never know what might happen. Looking for the weigh in video? Click here.


Anonymous said...

Aleksy Kuziemski ranked no.11 in the world

hmk said...

frankie gavin v young muttley. the best fight on the card

fightingtalk said...

Cleverly fights Vyacheslav Uzelkov 27th october 2012 - yawn

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