Should Carl Froch Fight GGG

There is a lot of talk about this fight taking place. Froch Vs GGG is the fight many want to see. No doubt, it would be a great fight. Some think Froch would be too big and too strong for Golovkin and others think Golovkin's technical skill and huge punching power would follow him up to super middleweight and see him dispose of Froch via knockout..

Truth is, no one really knows what would happen until the fight actually takes place. It is a pick-em fight and that is what makes it so interesting. There are valid reasons that can be argued until the cows come home in defense of why both can win. The size and weight difference for Froch, and the power, accuracy, and boxing smarts of Golovkin.

So should Froch take the risk and take on Golovkin before retiring from the sport. Most fans would say yes, and me personally I would love him to make this his last fight. Why not go out with a bang by taking on one of the most feared fighters in boxing right now. As much as I am fan of both fighters, but would be rooting for Golovkin if they fought, I actually think Froch, because he is so tough and the bigger man naturally, stands a good chance of beating Golovkin, or at least giving him a really good fight.

Froch Vs Abraham. Image Credit: Pasi T

Question is, does Froch have the desire anymore..The answer is most probably no. An interview with Eddie Hearn (Froch's promoter) that was recently uploaded to youtube by IFLTV saw Hearn disclose some insight on Carl's current -Can I be bothered anymore - state of mind.

Eddie said that the other day Carl's missus and kid, or kids, went out and he was left on his own in the house. He has a heavy bag in his shed / garage and was going to do six rounds on the bag to keep himself ticking over. He done the first round no problem, but when he got half way through the second round he said he just couldn't be bothered and he called it a day and went and had a cup of tea instead. I know this isn't the be all and end all, I mean how many people, boxers or anyone else, sportsman or otherwise, sometimes can't be bothered once in a while.

However, with the money Carl now has, and with all the other things he has going on in his life that don't include boxing, it really does look like he doesn't really want or need to fight anymore. It's just natural so who can blame him if the desire just isn't there like it used to be. I think the Hagler quote sums up Carl Froch's situation right now.. 'It's real hard to get up at 5am & run 5 miles when you're in a 4 post bed wearing silk pyjamas'.

Will Froch Vs Golovkin take place? Most think it won't at this stage and some people even think that Froch had no intention of fighting GGG and was only talking about him to create some hype and keep himself relevant. I guess we'll have to see what happens. Froch Vs Degale is a possibility. Check out the video above from Richard Dwyer where he makes an excellent case for why Golovkin would beat Carl Froch. It does make a lot of sense on many levels.

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