Saturday, 27 March 2010

Abraham Disqualified Against Dirrell

Abraham Disqualified Against Dirrell

Dirrell Wins By Disqualification

This was a very shocking fight, one that i did say could end in a shock defeat, just like the Kessler Vs Ward match. Andre Dirrell fought a great fight, he was moving and placing his punches extremely well, also dodging many of the counter punches from Abraham. The fighter considered as the big puncher before the match was basically hitting air for most of the fight, and when he did land, Dirrell took most of the punches well. The guy not considered a big puncher (Dirrell) actually had Abraham is trouble a few times, even knocking him down with a big punch in the 4th round, although Abraham was off balance. However, it was still a very nice punch.

Arthur Abraham was waiting too long, he covered up with his peek a boo defense for most of the fight, letting Dirrell throw a lot of punches, winning almost every round with accuracy, good boxing skills, and sheer work rate. Abraham was too slow to deal with the super slick movement of Dirrell. The only time Abraham was able to land punches was when he managed to pin Dirrell on the ropes, but that was not often enough to win many rounds. Abraham suffered a cut eye in the fight, and maybe this did affect him slightly, but he really was getting beat pretty convincingly from the start.

As the fight went on Abraham was looking more anxious, and more desperate to get the knockout which he said he would get throughout the build up to this fight. He knew he was miles behind on the score cards, and in the 10th round he did start to catch Dirrell more. In the 11th Abraham caught Dirrell with a straight right hand, which did connect, but was more of a slip, which made Dirrell bend over as if he was going to take a count, but as he was in the crouched position, Abraham landed one huge punch to the jaw that had a delayed reaction on Dirrell, and after a few seconds Dirrell went from sitting on the canvas, to lying down, totally knocked out cold.

Some people were saying Dirrell was lying, faking it because he knew he was getting caught with more punches, and seen this as an opportunity to get out of the fight. Who knows for sure...But one thing is certain, Dirrell was caught with a big punch, and afterwards he was very confused and looked like he had concusion. I just hope he is OK, and gets himself checked out ASAP at the hosiptal. Needless to say, Abraham was disqualified for hitting a downed opponent. In my opinion, it was just in the heat of the moment why Abraham landed the second punch. He seen he had Dirrell in trouble from the first punch, and his instinct just took over and landed the second punch.

But Dirrell really fought a great fight, his fast hands and slick footwork were too much for Abraham to cope with. He never gave Abraham many chances to plant his feet so he could get his shots off, keeping him very busy with movement and trying to block punches.

Andre Dirrell proved he belongs at world level in this fight. Very impressive boxing skills.

Arthur Abraham will fight Carl Froch next, and Andre Dirrell will meet Andre Ward in the next stage of the super six tournament.


Anonymous said...

abraham got battered!!!!

QWERTY said...



Anonymous said...

dirrell faked it bro

Xman said...

yeah looked like he did, but he still skooooled arthur no matter what

Anonymous said...

dirrel .........what have u done

Anonymous said...

1000000% FAKE. Hope your happy andre,

amama said...

dirrell was with it enough to see the ref signal it was a foul then he played dead! lol


Anonymous said...


dee said...

Did Abraham lose his belt from being disqualified...Or just his unbeaten record?

Anonymous said...

dirrells took a dive

Anonymous said...

whos dirrell up against next?

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