Thursday, 14 April 2011

Amir Khan Vs Paul Mc'Closkey

Amir Khan Vs Paul Mc'Closkey

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I quite like this boxing match up. Not because I believe it's a very evenly matched fight, but because a fighter that deserves a shot at a world title is getting one. That fighter is paul Mc'Closkey. He has worked his way up the boxing ranks the old fashioned way, and I believe a shot at a world title has come at the right time for him. Sadly for Paul Mc'Closkey, he has to beat Amir Khan to be crowned world champion, and I don't think it's possible. As game and awkward as Mc'Closkey is, he just doesn't have the skill set required to beat Khan. His previous opponents have not been anywhere near the same level or class as Amir Khan.

Paul Mc'Closkey will be tested big time at the M.E.N Arena on Saturday, and we will see if Khan can take advantage of the many flaws that Mc'Closkey has in his boxing game. One fatal flaw is his defense. To be frank, it's terrible! He is wide open for counter punches, and I know Amir Khan and his team are licking their lips at the thought of Mc'Closkey doing some of the moves he has done in previous fights in this one. I hope Mc'Closkey and his team, in particular John Breen, have really worked on Paul's defense for this fight. Because with Khan's fast and accurate hands, he's really going to need it.

It's not all doom and gloom though for Mc'Closkey, he does have good boxing skills, and also something that makes him pretty special, he is excellent at throwing punches from crazy angles. He may not have a good defense, but his very awkward southpaw style can give anyone problems, including Khan. Paul Mc'Closkeys very hungry and has never lost, so he will give everything in this fight. He has been down before and can be vunerable early on in bouts, and as we know from past fights, Khan is a fast starter. If Mc'Closkey can get past the first 4 - 5 rounds he stands a much better chance of winning this fight.

Amir Khan has taken a massive pay cut in this fight, reportedly around £1 Million to £1.5 Million GBP. This is because of problems with Pay Per View broadcasters, and Khan's team / promoters having to move the fight over to be aired by another television station (Prime Time). Will this have an effect on Khan's performance, I think it will. He is making almost nothing for this fight after all the fees are taken out of his already tiny pay day considering this is a world title defense. Khan says that his team have handled this problem and have done a good job keeping him out of it. But in the back of his mind it's there, and no matter what he says he is concerned over his purse being cut, I think anyone would be.

My heart says Paul Mc'Closkey, but my head says Amir Khan.

Prediction: Amir Khan to stop Paul Mc'Closkey within 8 rounds.

Watch the official Khan Vs Mc'Closkey Weigh-In


Abnas Mares said...

I agree, an easier route for a world title then having a punt fighting Khan would have been more winnable fight.

Anonymous said...


freedum said...

great find with the weigh in

Fight time...... said...

What time does the fight start? Well, the event begins at 8pm so with the undercards (depending on how long they go), I'd say the kahn closkey fight should be on at around 10pm - 11pm.

Khan for a quick win inside 4 rounds.

Anonymous said...

Can i watch online or is it only per per view?

Fight time...... said...

That would be GMT (UK) time. Event starts at 8pm. undercards then the main fight (khan) around 10pm

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