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George Groves Beats James Degale

George Groves Beats James Degale

This was a very close, chess match of a fight. But it was George Groves that looked the more impressive through out most of the rounds.

Degale and Groves square up again. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Fighter Introductions. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

James Degale. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

Ready to go. Photo Credit: JRfotography

George Groves has fought the best boxing match of his career so far. His gameplan was absolutely perfect. No one expected George Groves to use the tactics that he used. People were expecting him to see the red mist and go toe to toe with James Degale. Instead he boxed at range, used the ring extremely well, and engaged when the time was right.

James Degale didn't fight with the right gameplan tonight. He waited far too long to land punches. This was because he was very cautious of getting caught with counter punches from Groves. James Degale did have some good moments, but his tactics were all wrong, mainly because Groves went into this fight aiming to use his boxing skills to full effect. Degale was confused by this, and got outboxed as a result.

The right tactics by George Groves. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Here is a quick rundown of what happened round by round.

The first round was Degales, both fighters started cautiously, but Degale had the edge in technical ability and done a good job of picking Groves off with his jab.

George Groves had an excellent second round and started to find his punching range. George Groves landed some good combinations, Whiles Degale's punches were falling short of the target.

3rd Round was very even, but Groves showed the better movement and footwork, and was also making Degale miss frequently. Degale landed an elbow deliberately out of frustration, but the referee didn't take a point off.

4th Round and George Groves tactics were spot on, hit and move, frustrate Degale and make him miss. A very good round for Groves.

5th Round was a more even round for both fighters. Each landed some decent punches, but yet again it was Groves who showed the superior movement and accuracy. Degale's looking more frustrated, and looks to be running out of ideas.

6th Round and both fighters were waiting far too long. Groves and Degale wouldn't throw a punch, they just waited for each other to make the first move in an effort to try and land a counter punch. This went on for 2 minutes of the round. Not much action but Degale landed some clean punches in this round.

James Degale on the attack. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

7th Round. A very skillfull round that had all the makings of an amatuer style fight. Both fighters on their toes looking for one punch. Groves got the better of this round with some great movement and counter punching.

8th Round, was very slow and cagey. Groves was impressive once the round got going. He showed excellent boxing skill, and landed some good  eye catching punches. Although Degale did land a very nice straight left hand.

9th Round, Degale starts the round very fast, trying to force the fight. Degale lands some good head and body punches. George Groves suffers a cut eye from an accidental clash of heads. James Degale lands a big straight left which rocks Groves. Excellent work from both fighters, but definitely a Degale round.

James Degale coming on strong. Photo Credit: JRfotography
George Groves gets rocked. Photo Credit: JRfotography

10th Round. Excellent movement  and combinations from Groves. James Degale was starting to close the distance more in this round but waiting too long, and getting hit frequently while staying in range. Degale seemed rather lost in this round with the skillset and movement shown by Groves. A good round for George Groves.

Great boxing skills by George Groves. Photo Credit: JRfotograpthy

 11th Round was the most exciting of the fight so far. Both fighters went to war trading big punches. George Groves is now starting to slow down and is getting tagged more often. Groves suffers a cut on his forehead from an accidental clash of heads. Very even round but Degale landed the more cleaner punches.

Good moments for Degale. Photo Credit: JRfotography

12th Round was good. Groves and Degale were more willing to stand toe to toe in order to finish the fight strong. Very even round as both fighters landed some very good, clean head and body punches. Excellent, strong finish by George Groves. Anyones round.

Anyones round, but Groves finished strong. Photo Credit: JRfotography

A disappointed James Degale. Photo Credit: JRfotography

Still undefeated. George Groves and his team celebrate. Photo Credit: JRfotography

I think the decision was right. George Groves won most, if not all of the earlier rounds with his counter punching and movement. James Degale did start to get into a rythm as the fight progressed but he was missing a lot of punches. When Degale did land a shot it was mostly just one punch, which wasn't enough to win him the rounds or catch the eyes of judges. He was made to look quite ordinary tonight. However, it was a close fight on the scorecards and I don't think anyone would of shouted "robbery" even if the decision would of went the other way.

George Groves showed some good qualitys tonight. He can stick to a gameplan and  not get emotionally involved in a fight. Groves also showed us that he can handle a big event. A really impressive win for George Groves. Many "experts" were surprised at what he done tonight. Hats off to Adam Booth, who done a great job with the training and tactics for this fight.


Anonymous said...

Now we can call him james defail and its called for hahahahaha

charliebrown said...

bet Jim Mcdonnell feels silly now

Anonymous said...

degales in hiding

Can You Fight said...

Leave your comments of support for George Groves at his offical website.

George Groves Website

MinusAll said...

Very proud of my cousin George, he kept his cool and out boxed Degale for the second time.

Anonymous said...

If Haye can pull off the upset with vlad the haye camp will have the icing on the cake.

Acton said...

Groves 13-0 Degale 11-1. How do you like them apples chunky...

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good competition for uk boxing

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